Apr 01 2013
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Selling my collection too

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Hi guys

I am thinking of selling my collection of EOJ cards. I have cards in protective sleeves within SAS folders and loose.

I have these, all in mint condition:

- PAL game, box, mat and camera, starter deck
- all cards 001 thru 310 in SAS folder
- rubber duck promo card
- rare magazine "The Gazetteer" dated 23rd October 2007 given out at London Expo
- biolith god maker pack
- biolith scourge pack
- wood sward pack
- wood unleashed pack
- water barrage pack
- water conquest pack
- earth atonement pack
- earth emperor pack
- fire crusader pack
- fire king's rage pack
- 1 of box of spare cards (including boxes) from each of the three series containing all types (common, uncommon, rare ultra rare). 3 boxes in total.

I realise I wont get back what I paid but is there any interest in such a package? If so please feel free to make an offer.
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Re: Selling my collection too

Apr 30, 2013

id pay 20 bucks

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