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Re: Sony + SE + online = fail

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Sep 5, 2013

They just made an announcement on the official forums regarding this incident.



Greetings everyone,

First off I would like to apologize for taking so long to get information to you regarding the troubles you're all experiencing with having the wrong service account registered (or by creating a new service account accidentally). We know how extremely frustrating it is to be unable to play with the characters you wanted to because of this issue and I want you all to know that we are taking this matter very seriously.

I also want to assure you all that you will receive your full 30-days of trial time when our Support Center moves the registration to the appropriate account.

First and foremost, we need users that are affected by this to fill out the appropriate form for their region. Please be sure to fill our the form properly as incorrect information will lead to delays in the process:
North American users:
European users:

Please note that you'll only need to submit the form once, as we'll be able to address it based on the information we receive. Submitting multiple copies of the form will only serve to increase the time it takes to reach affected users.

To better address the backlog of users that are experiencing this issue, we are implementing improvements that will allow us to provide speedier support to customers with both PC and PS3 service account issues.

I would like to ask users that are affected by this to refrain from using phone numbers posted online to reach non-Support Center channels. The phone number being posted has no relation to the Square Enix FFXIV department, and, as a courtesy, users are simply being transferred to the already existing phone queue. The fastest way to receive support is by using the Square Enix Support center chat, phone, or email channels, and attempting to bypass these will actually result in a longer wait for you.

We sincerely apologize for the time it's taking to address this issue and for the frustration that it is causing each of you. We are working diligently to address the backlog and are looking forward to getting you all into the game as soon as possible.

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First Son
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Re: Sony + SE + online = fail

Sep 9, 2013
At least you had a chance to play the game .. Some can't even access it :c (including me) ...
Hope you'll be able to resolve your issue , it looks like one pretty pain in the nerves
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