Sep 18 2013
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The PS3 Beginner guide book for FFXIV made by SquareEnix

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Since we dont have a dedicated section - STILL


I cant remember if I shared this or not but since Digital Downloads resumed thought I would share this link.


Guide Cover.jpg



From a decision by Sony to move away from Community to focus on Competition...

To a forum that was on its way to repairing itself in a focus on Community.. now having trolls protected if they help generate site hits..

To the world of HOME being kept in the dark when so many developers have left already...

A concept focused on profits and Competition have another name in the world of Pro-Community- RIP!

May the trolls, drama makers and competitive personas find joy in Sony - I'll do like soo many others and just move on.

Kitty Pyra - Career and Online life ended officially 2014
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