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The PlayStation Forum Team & Contact Info.

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The PlayStation Digital Platforms Community Management and Moderation Team members are here to steer the conversation in the right direction, keep things on topic and provide a stimulating atmosphere for its participants. They're here to help you and to make sure your stay and participation in the community is enjoyable!


If you have concerns or questions regarding moderation, please feel free to contact PSForumMods by clicking on “Send this user a message” in the profile page. 


The Digital Platforms Moderation Team


PSForumMods - PM this user for Forum moderation issues

HomeForumMods - PM this user for PlayStation Home related issues







*and others*


The Digital Platforms Community Management Team


Locust_Star - Senior Community Manager

Tempest_Fire - Digital Platforms Community Manager

cheshire__smile - Digital Platforms Community Manager


*and others*


If you would like to submit any feedback, please click HERE



Contact Information:


If you would like to send a message to staff, please sent  a PM to PSForumMods.


If you would like to contact the moderation staff about an offensive post or user, please file a report.


To report an abuse for a Thread created in the forum - please click "Report Inappropriate Content" found under "Options" on the right hand side of the screen (the same box as the abusive post):





OR, you may click on "Report Inappropriate Content" on the bottom Left of each post:






And in the box below, please give some details as to why the thread has violated Forum Rules. Click the "Notify Moderator" button and voila! The report will then be brought to the attention of the Forum Moderators.




Please Note:


That users that you report will only get in trouble if the thread/post breaks the Rules of Conduct. If all the thread requires is a move to a different space...then it's no big deal.


What submitting a report does, is sends off a report to the Moderation Team. They then read the comments that you filled in before you submit the report, read the thread in question and then take the necessary action. As there are over 200 spaces in the PlayStation® Community, it helps the team a great deal when you use the report function. Another plus side to this is that all the entire team gets to see the report, not just one moderator.


Here are some guidelines to help you determine what to report:


  •  Please only report threads that violate the forum Rules of Conduct. Do not report threads that you expect will violate the rules, until they actually do.
  •  It is only necessary to file ONE report on a thread, even if there are multiple posts within the thread in need of attention. The moderator will review the surrounding parts of the discussion when they review the reported post.
  • Do not report something you posted, asking for it to be removed. In those situations, you probably shouldn't have posted it in the first place.
  •  If someone is violating the rules, it is not your job to step in and control the situation. Please just report it and move on.
  • After reporting a thread, it is generally not advisable to post publicly that you have reported the thread.


If you have any questions regarding this process, you can ask in the Forum Information and Help section or send a Private Message to PSForumMods

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