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Re: 1st DLC Worth Paying For?

May 10, 2013

s_eric9 wrote:

XaroX_86 wrote:


I still accept the argument that someones pocket money is too precious to be spent that way; no pun intended but if you want to have excess money, get a small job as a teenager.

Noone should be entitled to get what he/she wants without having to work for it; either grow up or pass... (had a weekend job from 15-23 to get "luxury stuff", you can do it aswell).

Yes, I am aware of games like lol and dota2 where people pay for things that are extremely unnecessary. Game companies that are prime examples of this is Nexon(games like maple story: virtually nothing costs $10) and Gameloft(mobile game where each champion for lol mock-up is 16 dollars).
I just have a feeling that SSM is turning into that kind of direction.

And yes, I have a job( Smiley Tongue Don't just assume that I am a teenager because you are an adult and because I'm complaining about money issues) and can pay for these thousands of times if I wanted to, but it's just hard to not compare this DLC to other games that have been well-known for DLCs(And you have to admit that it is not over the top compared to DLCs that games like battlefield 3(not a fan at all) offered for $15. EXTREMELY huge mapS* with fine details with new weaponS*/vehicleS*). And lucidly... this one really lacks. I'm sorry, but it really is a truth. I truly believe that SSM is a quality-company, and that is why I am a little disappointed. I wouldn't react like this if the producer of this game was some cheap developers

People can't see the forest for the trees, Eric, and Xarox is one of them apparently.


Affording the cost is simple.  You do not need a second job.  Even on my lowly military wage, I can easily afford it.  That is not the issue. 


A couple armor sets, a couple swords - price tag almost 15 dollars.  As others have pointed out, this is usually the price reserved for map packs, expansions or entire PSN / Live arcade games.   If you support the ever-increasing price tag on DLC with diminishing returns (in other words, less content for the same money) then you are PART OF THE PROBLEM.


I can't make this any clearer, can I?  


I've seen the most idiotic justifications for shelling out the cash on these not to mention some truly inbred reasoning.  Supporting the trend only encourages companies to keep pushing the cost higher and giving us less for it.   If you think that sounds like a good idea, then by all means, keep forking over the money.  After all, it is ONLY 3 dollars right? In time we can probably get that cost up to  5 bucks.  It is ONLY 5 bucks, right?  Then we can get to 10.  Why, most of you should make that in one hour of work, so get two jobs.  Get three jobs if you have to!  It's ONLY 3 jobs for video game money.


Ridiculous.  Support the trend and things will get worse (less content, more money) as they have already done.   DON'T support it and companies will start to lower DLC prices or at least include more content for the price. 


It's up to you which one you'd prefer.  Frankly, I don't see how it's a hard decision, but there seem to be a lot of suckers out there.

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Re: 1st DLC Worth Paying For?

May 10, 2013

^lol vanthem is both wise and 100% correct Smiley Tongue

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Re: 1st DLC Worth Paying For?

May 10, 2013
It hurts to read your posts XaroX.
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Re: 1st DLC Worth Paying For?

May 11, 2013
Whoa chill, guys. I was just expressing my own opinion, and he was just expressing his opinions. Every one of us is entitled to think differently. No need to bash on him Smiley Tongue sorry
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