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Jan 20 2013
By: Gamewiz_25 Lombax Warrior 215 posts

perks so unbalanced??

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now I've been one a big losing streak lately I did have really nice beginner's luck not anymore. a couple of matches ago some guy killed in just 2 hits he like grappled me and it was just over just like that **bleep** is going on here and I had full health I wasn't double teamed or even triple team jesus. this multiplayer just spam and spam now I'm seriously of not even picking up this game .

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Lombax Warrior
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Re: perks so unbalanced??

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Jan 20, 2013

There are reasons he may have been able to kill you quickly. He could have had a high physical attack and multiple strength buffs when he fought you.

Your defense may be too low, and you didn't mention, but if you were Zeus that means you had less health as well.

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