Mar 30 2011
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Does combat arena freeze for anyone else?

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It has frozen twice for me now. I don't remember what happened the first time it froze, but for the second time it actually shut my psp 3000 off automatically.

Here's what I did;

I had kratos on normal health and magic.

Difficulty was god mode.

I don't remember the arena however, might have been atlantis.

I was fighting two pireaus lions, and had the attack on and respawn off.

I was on a 97 hit combo using the scourge of erinys and also attacking with my blades when it froze.

Anyone have problems with combat arena? Anyone willing to try this scenario to see if it'll freeze also?

(obviously no need to match my fighting style/combo count)

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Re: Does combat arena freeze for anyone else?

May 17, 2011

I remember game freezes, just nothing specific with the Arena.

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