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Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic GTA IV PS3 Trophy Guide: In Search of the Glory

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Major Update!  Sep. 4th, 2009

I finally received a response from Rockstar Games Support regarding the official requirements for this trophy.  The letter in its entirety is in the Important Technical Notes and FAQ section.  Rockstar's response pretty much puts to rest a lot of the rumors surrounding this trophy, but getting the trophy is still just as time-consuming to get as it always was.



Attention New AWP Trophy Hunters:  This trophy can be a scheduling nightmare and you cannot expect the people who are listed here to simply drop whatever they are doing and help you get all of your victories.  If you send a message to the people on this thread saying, "Hey, let me win all the races, ok?" or something like that we will know that you haven't read this guide in its entirety and you haven't done your homework.  Part of your homework assignment is listed in the Before You Begin section.


If you post your info (Headset?, Location, Time Zone, and your proposed schedule during which you would be open for doing your AWP run and helping someone else) as a reply to this thread, other trophy hunters with a similar schedule will be able to message you and help you out.


Your trophy hunt should be relatively easier than those who have gone before you because here you can read success stories and examples of what it took for others to get theirs.  Having said that, you are still responsible for your share of the load.  AWP Hunters should be willing to spend at least 10hrs (but probably more) on their trophy and another 10hrs (but hopefully less) for their AWP partners.




Table of Contents


Purpose - What is this thread about?

Important Technical Notes and FAQ - What do you need to do to get your AWP trophy?

AWP Trophy Hall of Fame - Who has gotten their trophy already and how did they get it?

Helpersand Hunters- Who has helped and who may still need this trophy?

 Before You Begin - How do you prepare for this trophy?

The Checklist - What can you use to keep track of your progress?

The Game Modes - What modes are there and how do you beat them quickly?

Closing Wishes & My AWP Story - How did I get my AWP trophy?






This thread chronicles the journeys of those who dared to defy the faulty servers that were used to record the wins for this elusive trophy (it had eluded me three and a half times - some would call it their white whale; I know I did).  This guide is a work in progress, but it should contain some helpful tips for all AWP hunters out there who would like to get this trophy for themselves. 


Enjoy your hunt!  You get at least $54,000 just for finishing the races, plus however much you make in each of the other modes (could be around $20k if you're good), so it shouldn't be a complete bust if you don't get it on your first run.




Important Technical Notes and FAQ


What do Take-Two / Rockstar have to say about getting this trophy?


At long last, here's an e-mail from Rockstar listing the requirements for getting this trophy:


Although the "Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic" trophy may not have the highest point value, it is one of the toughest goals to obtain in Grand Theft Auto IV.

The basic synopsis says, "Win all ranked multiplayer variations, all races and "Cops 'n Crooks", as both sides" but this brief description only scratches the surface of what is required to complete this challenge.  We hope that the more detailed description below will help all the Rockstar fans who have emailed us over the last few months inquiring about this trophy.

To receive this trophy you must have:
•    The highest point total at the end of the game for all points based games.
•    Achieved the best race time (at the end of the race) for all Race tracks (including Helicopter races, Boat races, Free races, and Cannonball Runs).
•    Achieved the best race time (at the end of the race) for all GTA Race tracks (including Helicopter races, Boat races, Free races, and Cannonball Runs).
•    Won as both a "cop" and a "crook" in both variations of Cops n' Crooks.
•    Completed each of the co-op modes.

Additional Requirements:
•    There must be at least 1 opponent in the game when the final leaderboard is finished processing - being the only player left does not count.

For PS3 users, it means that only games won since 12/17/2008 count towards this challenge.  If you started trying to unlock this trophy before then, all your previous work will need to be restarted.


So there you have it, folks.  Straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.


All AWP hunters must still be careful, though, because no one can prevent server issues from occurring.  Because it's still beneficial to know from a technical standpoint what can prevent you from getting this trophy, here's the rest of the guide:


The biggest issue with getting this trophy is the reliability of the server that you're playing on and its ability to synchronize its data with the other online servers.  From Rockstar's e-mail, though, we learned something new about this process.  Specifically, if the "final leaderboard" finishes "processing," then that may mean that the servers are synchronized.  How can you tell when the leaderboard is finished processing?  No one knows for certain, but some people recommend either going to the next game mode or waiting 5mins on the leaderboard screen once you're done.


If you want to increase your chances of getting your trophy, then try to aim for a Clean AWP Run and try to avoid a Messy Run.


An Example of a Clean AWP Run:  If you go through the following you will most likely stay logged on to the same online server, therefore increasing your chances of getting your trophy at the end of the requirements:

  • Never get signed off of the PSN (Note: Make sure your network is configured correctly)
  • Never quit out of GTA
  • Never restart your PS3
  • Play with the same people who won't drop out of your session all of a sudden


An Example of a Messy AWP Run:   While going through the requirements, if you experiencing any of the following situations during a round/race/mission, then you may need to re-do it afterwards:
  • You get kicked off of the PSN
  • You quit out of GTA without waiting for server synchronization (which may happen when the "final leaderboard is finished processing," according to Rockstar's explanation)
  • You restart your PS3 (either because it froze or something else caused it)
  • Someone new joined in or someone dropped out before the server synchronized


NOTE:  Even if you experience one or more of the "messy run" scenarios, DON'T LOSE HOPE!  Keep your PS3 running with GTA loaded and try to re-do any mode that was questionable.


How can you check to see if you're still on the same online game server?


The most secure way to check is by looking at your experience points (i.e. the money amount on the bottom left of the screen within an online game lobby) and making sure that the correct amount is displayed after each round/race/mission.  If you have to quit out of GTA or restart your PS3 for whatever reason and you come back to find that your money amount and/or rank are different, then that's because you're on a server that hasn't synchronized with the one that you were on previously.  Normally if you wait a day or two all of your money gets added back on correctly, but it may take longer.


Is there a place where you can check your stats to see what you've done so far?


You can check your stats in singleplayer mode by going to the Start Menu > Stats > Network.  You can also go to the Rockstar Social Club web site, but the stats that you see in either location can never be fully trusted because the servers might not be synchronized with each other by the time that you login, and sometimes certain stats never get recorded at all.


How long does a typical run last?


Down in The Game Modes section I included some time estimates for each of the modes and when added together it equals around 10hrs. per person.  That means that if you partner up with someone else, then you will need to devote another 10hrs or so for their run.  The reason for this are the races which take the longest out of all the requirements.  Regular Race Mode can take 4-5hrs, and then you have to do the races again in GTA Race Mode. 


If you can't afford to do all the requirements in one session, then you may risk not getting the trophy, but at least you can build some good relationships with the people who jumped in to help you. =)  I still have my AWP partners on my PSN buddy list and we play lots of other games together, so this trophy can be so much more meaningful and fruitful than any other PS3 trophy out there.




Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Trophy Hall of Fame

(Honoring the bravery of those who have obtained their AWP trophies despite the obstacles)


  • PSN Account - Has a headset? (Location, Time Zone) - Their AWP story


  • StillHatin - Headset (Tennessee, GMT -5:30) - Kindred spirit who got AWP a while back and has helped countless AWPers and other trophy hunters - My go-to guy when it comes to helping people get Fly the Co-op in less than 30mins
    • Auspuff - Headset (Wash D.C., GMT -5:00) - Mr. I-have-GTA-Platinum, NOOSEing Sensei, and voted Best Wingman Award by his compatriots
      • Lux_ - Headset (Florida, GMT -5:00) - Make sure you don't spend too much time ogling his player model since she may be in her skivvies - ah, the benefits of being rank 10 =p
  • Romudeth - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - Partnered up with Auspuff and Lux back in the day and got his AWP trophy
    • Jerry25 - Headset (Midwest US, GMT -6:00) - Partnered up with Auspuff and Lux back in the day and got his AWP trophy
      • Vigilante17 - ? Headset (Canada, GMT ?) - So far he's the only Canadian with this elusive trophy =p
  • PatricioUSA - No Headset (?, GMT ?) - Got his AWP trophy on the morning of the 20th of Dec
    • Ashley2k - No headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - Took the plunge and got the AWP trophy on Sun, Dec 21st after some huge motivation
      • S - Headset (GMT -6:00) - Got AWP Tue morning, Dec 23rd, through his first, and only, run
  • talonkard044 - Headset (Illinois, GMT -6:00) - Got his AWP trophy after one of the most chaotic, 48-hr runs - his story is found in another post
    • JonesJii - Headset (Finland, GMT +2:00) - Got his AWP trophy on the morning of Christmas Eve
      • nikeALLday - Headset (?, GMT -5:00) - After "cleaning up" his approach to this trophy he finally got it - he cleaned it up by going through modes without many (if any) random people jumping in
  • proskatercam - Headset (Nevada, GMT -8:00) - Got his trophy on Fri night, Jan 2nd
    • Auguscht28 - Headset (Germany, GMT +1:00) - Partnered up with three others and got his AWP trophy on Sun, Jan 4th in a perfect run - he didn't even need to do the Co-op missions because he had already beaten them previously
      • RammsteinSCFCWDW - Headset (Stockport, UK, GMT -0:00) - Started his run before but lost his progress because he turned his PS3 off for a week - started another one on Mon, Jan 5th and only needed about 30 races before he decided to turn his system off again - when he came back on the following day to start a new run, he finished the remaining 30 races and got the trophy after finishing the 30th race!  Woo!
  • Aeromaestro - Headset (Oklahoma, GMT -6:00) - Started the races with his brother on Tue morning, Jan 6th and got the trophy in the evening soon after completing the Solo and Team Modes - he didn't need the Co-op missions because he had beaten them the night before
    • LowCarbs - Headset (California, GMT -8:00) - Teamed up with a couple people to do the multiplayer modes and then finished off all the races with Aeromaestro and he got his trophy on Thurs, Jan 8th
      • Deathmagnet - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - Was able to get his trophy on the morning of Jan 10th with the help of Aeromaestro
  • Astaros89 - No Headset (Singapore, GMT +8:00) - The first Singaporean AWP Hall of Famer. =)  He got his trophy on the morning of Sun, Jan 11th, even though he turned off his PS3 for about 6hrs before he started on any of his GTA Race Mode races which were the last wins that he needed
    • nighthorrors - Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - Had helped several others with their runs and got swindled by the user Kozzla when asked for help in return, but he was able to get the help that he needed and finally got the trophy during his own run - great guy, by the way =)
      • Oddking - No Headset (?, GMT -0:00) - Had a registered win in every mode prior to his latest run but wasn't awarded the trophy - he planned to go through a run so he raced against random people and won all of them.  He then went on to win a game of deathmatch and then after winning a game of Mafiya Work he was awarded with the trophy!  Fortunately the server that he was on had the data for all of his previous wins
  • Vaio_NY - Headset (New York, GMT -5:00) - Started his AWP run about two weeks before Sat, Jan 17th and had one of the messiest runs ever with game freezes, getting kicked off of the PSN, getting booted out of a game, losing his internet connection, resetting his system, and even going away for a few days and leaving his system off.  He kept careful track of all of his win records on the servers, though, so he actively hunted down the modes that he needed and he finally got the trophy without needing to re-do many modes
    • Eccentric88 - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - Got his trophy on the morning of Sun, Jan 18th
      • Panedi - Headset (Greece, GMT +2:00) - Had already done a run before but failed to get the trophy after getting some of the wins - started another run with a friend on Sat, Jan 19th and finished on Sun and finally got the trophy after completing BDBII - his checklist shows several modes with multiple wins that had recorded wins, but yet he got the trophy after completing the last item on his list which were the Co-op missions
  • waran_esmil - Headset (Tennessee, GMT -6:00) - Got his AWP trophy in a clean run that ended on the morning of Mon, Jan 19th with the help of a brother-in-law for the 2-player stuff and Lux and Jerry for the 4-player modes
    • Rock-Shayde - Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - Got his AWP trophy on Wed, Jan 21st during his "second run" - after doing his first complete run back in Dec, his partner got the trophy but he didn't.  Recently he tried again and by the time he finished a round of Car Jack City he got the AWP trophy.  His previous Car Jack City victory must not have been recorded properly by the game servers that we was on back in Dec, but at least now he has the lustrous AWP trophy =)
      • Toona - Headset (North Carolina, GMT -5:00) - Got his AWP on Tue, Jan 27th after methodically checking the servers for his win counts, even going as far as waiting a day for the servers to synchronize before going on another run through the requirements - after several sessions of re-doing any modes that were questionable, he paired up with Fendr and he got a double Ding! when he finished the requirements for the Taking it for the Team trophy since they doubled up as requirements for AWP, as well
  • Fendr - Headset (?, GMT ?) - Got his trophy shortly after Toona with his help - also got several victories in different sessions
    • Abs0420 - Headset (Missouri, GMT -6:00) - Came back to do online GTA trophies with a vengeance and managed to get his AWP trophy on Sun, Feb 1st, after three long, hard days of going through his checklist - once he finished going through all of it originally, he checked his stats after waiting a while with his system turned on and he saw that two of his requirements had not recorded wins, so he got some people to help him re-do those and he got the Ding! shortly thereafter
      • Franekk - No Headset (Poland, GMT +1:00) - He got his trophy by going through one continous session with the same people from 5PM Sat, Jan 31st through 10PM Sun Feb 1st - he also didn't beat the Fly the Co-op missions under their time limits, and since he still needs to get that trophy, his run proves that all you need to do is simply win those three missions in order for them to count towards AWP
  • TheGrymReaper - Headset (?, GMT -5:00) - He initially started out doing his requirements with MM74 but he never got to finish them because MM removed him from his buddy list - he finally got a hold of someone, Abs0420, after a couple weeks and went through a new run - he finished off his requirements and after finishing off the last couple modes he got his trophy on Sun, Feb 1st
    • bUGOI - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - Got his trophy on Tue, Feb 3rd after 5 days of going through multiple runs through the different game modes as he hunted down the one or two wins that didn't record properly during his first run - he went through all of the requirements with a couple different people, but he didn't get the trophy initially - his partner encouraged him to not lose hope, so he tried to keep his system running (despite a system freeze that needed a reboot at one point and getting signed out of the PSN during a different time) and went through the requirements again - eventually he finished a random Free Race and he got the trophy afterwards
      • Cadoow - Headset (Amsterdam, GMT +1:00) - Managed to get wins in pretty much every mode but didn't get his trophy afterwards - he checked his stats and two were not showing any victories, so after he got a win in both of them, Ding! he got his trophy
  • SirWillz - Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - He had tried getting his AWP before but he only managed to get some wins to register since he didn't get the trophy after all was said and done - he started a second run on Thur, Feb 5th, and after some minor turbulence - his PS3 froze on the XMB screen so he needed to restart, after getting re-invited to his previous session, he got kicked out when a new player joined in, and then after doing the 4-player modes he went back to singleplayer to start up a new custom match with max private slots - he managed to get his trophy on Fri, Feb 6th, with 13 races left to go
    • Kikmaidog - Headset (Singapore, GMT +8:00) - After two weeks of trying to keep his system on and methodically playing through every requirement (mostly against random people) whenever he had time until he got a win, he finally got the trophy on Fri, Feb 6th - he's now ready to tackle on the remaining trophies and is willing to help others if they need a partner for some of their tasks
      • Shoveopoly - ? Headset (New York, GMT -5:00) - Got AWP at some point - he never updated the rest of us - a rebel at heart =p
  • Static-X - No Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - He got his AWP trophy on Sat, Feb 7th, after a pretty clean run with his AWP partner - he took a 6hr break after doing some of the races and came back to the rest of the races and the other modes
    • Shwift - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - He went through a continuous run and got the trophy on Sat, Feb 7th, without having to do certain modes because the server that he was on had a couple registered wins already
      • son3zero - Headset (Tokyo, GMT +9:00) - Our first Tokyo AWP Hall of Famer!  Woo!  Only on the US forum, baby!  son3zero is his main Japanese account and wicked_man is his main US account. He got his trophy on Sun, Feb 8th, after two long weeks of hard work, doing different modes with different people because of the time difference.  He would check his stats about a day later and they would show up correctly, so he plowed through the remaining modes until he finally got it
  • mcgraph - ? Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) -He got his trophy on Sun, Feb 8th, after going through a 10-hr marathon run with a partner
    • marco_LOL - No Headset (Arizona, GMT -7:00) - He started his run on Sat, Feb 7th and it ended on Sun, Feb 8th with him getting the trophy after successfully completing the one mode that didn't show a win on the Social Club web site - after he had completed his races and pretty much every other mode, he left his system on while in singleplayer for about 2hrs before the Social Club reported his wins correctly, so he turned off his system and resumed his run around 4hrs later
      • pwonager - Headset (New York, GMT -5:00) - He teamed up with Truthiness and got his trophy after a relatively clean run - he had more than 50 PSN buddies so there were problems initially with getting others to join (OP's Note: This is why I included this important step in the Before You Begin section of the guide), but once he did, everything else went smoothly
  • Truthiness - Headset (Rhode Island, GMT -5:00) - Teamed up with pwonager and a couple others and went through a solid run while experiencing only a couple disconnects but quickly re-trying the last mode that they were in and continuing their run and eventually he got his trophy after completing all of the remaining races on Wed, Feb 11th
    • AC_1 - Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - He teamed up with a handful of others and got all of his required wins in multiple sessions and got his trophy once he finished the checklist
      • mickey-007- - ? Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - He got his AWP trophy on Wed, Feb 18th
  • lemming3k - No Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - He can got his AWP trophy on Sun, Feb 22nd after multiple sessions
    • Sir_Soze - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - He also got his AWP trophy on Sun, Feb 22nd after multiple sessions over the span of 3 days - he had gotten disconnected from the PSN about 5 times and he even got frozen on an XMB window so he left his system running for about half an hour before his parents turned his system off - he checked the leaderboards and once he saw that his stats were correct he resumed and got the trophy soon after that
      • Animositisomina - No Headset (Germany, GMT +1:00) - He got his trophy on Tue, Feb 24th - he had previously beaten all of the non-race modes but he went through them again since some of them did not show wins in his stats - he paired off with a partner and started the races once he noticed that his stats were being recorded successfully - he powered down his PS3 after finishing pretty much everything, resumed the next day, and as soon as he finished doing the boat, chopper, Free, and half of the Cannonball races he got his trophy
  • Dopper89 - No Headset (Belgium, GMT +1:00) - After trying to get his trophy in multiple sessions he was not successful so he tried to do another AWP run in one session and was able to get it back in Jan
    • HH__66 - Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - On his second AWP run he was able to get his wins to register on the modes that didn't register before and he got his AWP and his platinum trophy all at once on Fri, Feb 27th
      • Rikith - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - He went through all of his requirements in different sessions but he waited for the servers to synchronize his wins before attempting any more checklist items - upon finishing his last few races he managed to get his AWP trophy on Sat, Feb 28th
  • Deadwing1 - ? Headset (Philadelphia, GMT -5:00) - He had tried doing an AWP run in multiple sessions before but didn't get his trophy so he wanted to go through all the modes in one session - after partnering up with someone and going through the requirements again he was able to get his trophy on Mon, Mar 2nd
    • BldyShdw - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - He was Deadwing1's AWP partner and he managed to get his trophy shortly before DW
      • atat23 - Headset (Ireland, GMT -0:00) - On Thurs, Mar 5th he had completed about 50% of the races and the wins registered correctly in both the in-game stats and the Rockstar Social Club site and so he started his last stretch of his run (he had several wins for the non-race modes, as well) - for the next couple days he took some breaks in-between all the while leaving his system on and was able to get his trophy on Sat, Mar 7th, after re-doing some races that he felt were not recording properly because he didn't see a stat for them and then finally finishing off the boat races
  • DevilFangs - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - He did a 16hr45min marathon run (with only a 1.5hr sleep break) from Sat, Mar 7th to Sun, Mar 8th, and he got his trophy after completing his last item
    • vreeez - Headset (Switzerland, GMT +1:00) - On Tue, Mar 10th, he was able to finally get his trophy after having played through all the checklist items in a couple 2-5hr sessions - there were some server issues on the weekend of the 7th, but after re-trying a couple questionable modes he got his trophy
      • TigerLust - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - He had gone through pretty much all the requirements once before but somehow something was missing - after trying a couple non-race modes, he was able to get his trophy after completing a match of Cops 'n Crooks on Thurs, Mar 12th
  • beefsupreme16 - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - He went through all the game modes eventually in different sessions and he checked his stats on the servers and after completing the requirements he got his trophy on Thurs, Mar 12th
    • araken - No Headset (Isikawa, Japan, GMT +9:00) - The second player from the Land of the Rising Sun to have confirmed getting the trophy!  Woo!  He got his trophy on Sun, Mar 15th
      • jmptrck - Headset (New Hampshire, GMT -5:00) - He went through all the requirements in different sessions and eventually got the trophy on Tue, Mar 17th, after going through some of his last checklist items
  • GQman2121 - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - He got his trophy along with jmptrck on Tue, Mar 17th, after re-doing several modes because he had already gone through a full run before - after going through half of the requirements he eventually came across the modes that had not registered before and was awarded the trophy
    • whitwhit - Headset (?, GMT -5:00) - He had played through several modes before going through all the races - once he started doing the races, he went through them in several 3+hr sessions with a partner - he noticed that his stats would not be correct sometimes because some race wins would not register properly, but he eventually got his trophy
      • drew713 - Headset (Missouri, GMT -6:00) - He did his run on two separate days - it ended on Thur, Mar 19th - on the first day he finished half of the requirements and on the second day he got through everything except the Solo Modes - he completed Deathmatch and Mafiya Work but he started to get disconnected from the PSN and had to leave multiplayer several times before doing Car Jack City - he then created a room with his partner and they waited for random people to join - after two more joined they started the round but the two who joined dropped from the game - it didn't matter for drew, though, because as soon as the win registered for Car Jack City he got the trophy!
  • SephirothX - No Headset (?, GMT -0:00) - He went through one final 8hr marathon that ended on Sun, Mar 22, and was able to get his trophy after about 10 days of multiple sessions - he had several wins from previous online matches and he was able to get the trophy upon completing his unfinished requirements - he also confirmed that the online stats weren't reliable since 10 race wins and 2 game modes didn't show a win record, but yet he got his trophy
    • nygnyy - No Headset, but he's willing to use voice chat on MSN or AIM (New York, GMT -5:00) - He got his trophy on Sun, Mar 22nd, after three separate, concentrated sessions, proving that if the servers are recording your wins correctly, you can safely split up the required tasks - he provided a checklist of how he went through the tasks in his post here
      • Mahster95 - No Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - He already had the Top the Midnight Club trophy before starting his run for AWP and he went through 4 more sessions until he finally got his trophy on Mon, Mar 23rd
  • TesticularXpress - Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - He had teamed up with others and went through several requirements in three separate sessions - on Mon night, Mar 23rd, his partner was offline so he went into rooms with randoms and finished off the Team Modes that way - he got a Turf War victory when his opponents left the game, he only won the Cop round in his All for One match (but because of the money, he won the match), and he didn't do One for All, but once he finished his match of All for One he got Taking it for the Team and his AWP trophy
    • Ads3 - Headset (?, GMT -0:00) - He got his trophy on Sat, Mar 28th, after finishing off his last requirements with a couple people
      • marvotwc - No Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - He was able to get his trophy on Sun, Mar 29th, after a relatively painless 12hr marathon run - that is, of course, if you discount the pain and discomfort that he got from hand cramps =p
  • BiLkos_Lces - Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - He teamed up with marvotwc and helped him get his trophy but after doing all the modes that he thought he needed he didn't get his - he eventually went through all the questionable modes and then went through all of them altogether and was awarded with the trophy after clearing through them again even though the (unreliable) online stats showed that he had recorded wins already
    • hurtween - PSEye Mic (Hamilton, Ontario, GMT -5:00) - He teamed up a couple others and was able to get his trophy on Tue, Mar 31st
      • bijepauj - Headset (Louisiana, GMT -6:00) - He teamed up with three of the members who were on the New Hunters list before him and was able to get his trophy on Tue, Mar 31st after completing all of his requirements in four different sessions
  • NewYorkKnight - Headset (West Coast, GMT -8:00) - He went through a marathon session for his races and did a couple modes in a different session and he got his AWP trophy on Mon, Apr 6th
    • XUnborn_LegacyX - Headset (?, GMT -5:00) - He had previously done three runs through all of the AWP requirements and he didn't get hiw AWP trophy until he went through them a fourth time, kinda like me! =p  We are kindred spirits in that regard
      • StOrMtRoOpErMx19 - Headset (Mexico, GMT -6:00) - He teamed with a handful of people and went through all the modes in several sessions and didn't get the trophy after completing the last mode - he then paired up with someone and went through one long run and was able to get his trophy on Sat, Apr 11th, after going through the Co-op missions and getting the highest score before successfully completing the missions
  • Lethal_Doze - No Headset (Poland, GMT +1:00) - He had already completed one run through the requirements but didn't get his trophy - on Sun, Apr 12th, he teamed up with someone for a second AWP run and after doing some of the races he got his trophy
    • VeksCZ - Headset (Czech, GMT +1:00) - He was intentionally trying to get this trophy in multiple sessions and he had completed all the road races and co-op missions - he got AWP a while back but he never reported his story, so I don't know what happened with his experiment of doing the requirements in multiple sessions
      • KS-Canuck92 - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - He got his trophy on Mon, Apr 13th, after several sessions
  • Lazo87 - Headset (Florida, GMT -5:00) - He got his trophy on Tue, Apr 14th, after re-doing all of the modes that he had won before Jan of '09 - he went off of a tip that Amedio1897 suggested and sure enough, he got his trophy
    • jjrobe - Headset (California, GMT -8:00) - He got his trophy on Mon, Apr 20th
      • Mistry - Headset (Trinidad, GMT -4:00) - He got his AWP trophy on his 4th or 5th attempt through the requirements on Wed, Apr 22nd
  • phunkeetown - ? Headset (Germany, GMT +1:00) - His AWP story is similar to mine but his first run was in April of '09, so it serves as an example that goes against the theory that if you go for AWP after January of '09 the servers will record your wins better - he went through three separate runs and didn't get his trophy until somewhere in the middle of his fourth run on Apr 27th - his detailed story can be read here
    • kbourque - No Headset (Canada, GMT -4:00) - He went through one complete run during multiple 3-8hr sessions, turning his system off in-between them, and he didn't get his trophy - he started a second run and upon completing the last item and not getting the trophy he walked away for a bit and was going to sign off when 5secs later the AWP trophy popped up on Apr 27th
      • TTreen - Headset (Canada, GMT -6:00) - He got his trophy
  • bigdaddykraven - Headset (North Carolina, GMT -5:00) - After a year and a half of putting this trophy on hold, he finally got it!
  • CliMa - Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - He got his trophy after a crazy run, proving that there is a G-d who answers prayers. =)  CliMa's run also proves that even if your PS3 gets frozen and you manually power it down and power it back on and get invited to re-join the session that you were in, you can STILL get the trophy after you finish all of the modes that are left.  His PS3 had frozen with only 30 or so races left to go, and after I helped him get those race wins, he didn't get the trophy, so we were saddened.  I encouraged him to keep hope alive.  He needed the Fly the Co-op trophy so we paired up with nikeALLday since he needed it, too.  We blasted through Dealbreaker, plowed through Hangman's NOOSE, and after we rocked Bomb da Base II, CliMa got the confirmation that he was awarded the AWP trophy!  It was a spiritual experience.  We laughed, we cried... we believed!  So you can, too. =)
  • Myself - Headset (Illinois, GMT -6:00) - I finally got the trophy half-way through my fourth attempt on Sat, Dec 20th




Honorable Mention

(For those who dared to selflessly step up and help their fellow AWPers):


  • PSN Account - Has a headset? (Location, Time Zone) - Who are these masked men?


  • dotCody - Headset (Everywhere, GMT Twilight Zone) - This man needs no introduction - he is, the Cody - he also created the sweet banner for this thread
  • Silent_Murder - Headset (GMT -6:00) - Held off on getting the requirements until later on - helped me out with the races that I needed




AWP Hunters/Helpers

Because of school I haven't updated this section as often as I used to.  I'll clean through it one of these days, but until then I'll leave it the way it is unless someone writes a new post and tells me to take their name off.  I have several months of posts to catch up on, so if you've told me to remove your name or that you got the trophy already, I apologize for not updating your entry.  Like I said, I'll get to you eventually. =)


(This section is for those who want to get the trophy and/or are willing to help others listed in the order in which they posted their info.  If you find out that someone isn't going for their AWP trophy anymore, please let me know and I will message them and give them a week's notice before I edit their entry.  If they report that they're not going for this trophy anymore or they don't respond to my notice in time then I move their entry to the Retired Hunter list below)


  • PSN Account - Has a headset? (Location, Time Zone) - Personal schedules and openings for doing AWP runs


  • Steema - Headset (New Jersey, GMT -5:00) - He usually plays late at night (read: after 11:30PM), but he's willing to play whenever his partner (or partners) are available to play - he also plays throughout the whole weekend and his e-mail address can be found here
  • GazzaMontana - No Headset (London, GMT -0:00) - He can do a long run on the weekends and chances are slim during weekdays - he's usually on after 10AM
  • Zaek - Headset (New York, GMT -5:00) - He's good to go on Fri evenings and all day Sats and Suns
  • insomniac81 - Headset (Alabama, GMT -6:00) - He's usually on from 1AM-5AM since he works late at night and on Mon and Tue he's on earlier - he's very motivated!
  • Bosestyle - Headset (Michigan, GMT -5:00) - He can play from 5PM-midnight during weekdays and sometimes on the weekend, as well
  • KCFlashG - Headset (London, GMT -0:00) - He's online almost every day and can commit a lot of hours towards getting his trophy, but it varies from day to day because sometimes he can go for days without going online
  • BigBobBobson - Headset (UK, GMT -0:00) - He's primarily nocturnal and is willing to play through long sessions
  • killer659 - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - He's on pretty much all day and night and only needs a handful of regular races and all the GTA races
  • Schnopps - Headset (?, GMT -6:00) - He has a recorded win in every mode but he doesn't have his trophy yet - he's open through Apr 12th to try to get together with a partner and find the missing modes that he needs
  • NCLSN_BR - ? Headset (?, GMT ?) - He teamed up with stormtroopermx and helped him get his AWP trophy - he's going to try a run for the trophy later on
  • xMxVxPx - No Headset (New Zealand, GMT +12:00) - He normally plays on the weekends and would be willing to dedicate two Saturdays in a row for both his partner and himself
  • Last_Regulator - Headset (?, GMT -0:00) - He already has a a recorded win for every requirement but still no trophy - he has all the time in the world, so any time should work for him
  • MooseMullay - ? Headset (?, GMT -0:00) - He should be available most days starting in June




Before You Begin a Run, Here's What You Should Do...


  • Find a partner who has a similar schedule to yours and can alternate wins with you
    • If you expect me or any of the AWP Hall of Famers to simply free up our schedules and let you win everything, then don't be surprised when we tell you to, "Go back and read the guide in its entirety."  It took time, effort, and communication skills to find our partners, so you will need to do the same.
  • Get plenty of rest beforehand
    • I lost track of how many times I fell asleep on my previous AWP partner because I had just gotten back home from work and ended up losing sleep for the next day, so rest up!
  • Energize yourself
    • Make sure you eat a good meal before you decide to do a marathon run
  • Be able/willing to sacrifice at least 10hrs of your time for yourself and another 10+hrs for your partner(s)
  • Shrink your PSN buddy list to less than 50
    • Rockstar hasn't released a fix that allows GTA to recognize any of your buds past the 50 mark, so make sure you clear out your lists and keep it below 50 if you don't want any problems with getting your buds to accept your game invites
  • Create a game with the right settings - you can safely do this as many times as needed
    • Make sure you create a Custom Match with Max Private slots and work your way down through all the modes - it's preferred to do all the Solo, Team, and Race modes before doing the Fly the Co-op missions (i.e. Dealbreaker, Hangman's NOOSE, and Bomb da Base II).  The max number of players in Solo, Team, and Race modes is 16 and for Co-op missions the max is 4.  If you switch from Co-op to those other modes, then the number of private slots will remain on 4 and you may get random people jumping in!
  • Tally up all your current stats - Wait for your last leaderboard is finished processing and then go to singleplayer mode, then go to Start > Stats > Network - On the web, go to
    • This step may not help in the end, but you might be able to compare your Win count in every mode after you've gone through the checklist and come back and try any modes in case they're not showing the right Win count


The Checklist


Just as important as anything else is the master checklist that you'll need to fill out as you go through all these requirements.  Here it is for your downloading pleasure.  I opened mine in Paint so that I could fill in the fields with a dot to mark off everything that I finished.  You can use a different colored dot to mark off a questionable item in which someone new joined in, someone dropped, or something just didn't seem right and may need re-doing.


Important Note:  I cannot stress enough the importance of marking off your victories on a checklist AS SOON AS you get them.  Trust me, you do NOT want to double up an effort that could have been avoided had you paid more attention to your victory tally/count.


Second Important Note:  As you play through these modes, pay special attention.  If someone new joins in or if someone drops out while the round is in session, you MAY need to re-do that mode.  There have been reports from people who say that if someone new comes in or if someone leaves then that mode's victory doesn't get recorded properly.  From a technical perspective, it may be similar to the port issue that exists when playing Bomb da Base II that kicks people out (the thread that explains it can be found here).  If this happens while you're playing, make a special note on your checklist to let you know that you may need to re-do that race/mode/mission if you don't get the trophy after you've done everything else.


 (click on the image to open it in a separate window)





The Game Modes - Breakdown of All Required Tasks


There are 5 general modes in GTA IV's online multiplayer:

  • Solo
  • Team
  • Race
  • GTA Race
  • Co-op


They each have their own settings that can cut down on wasted time, so I'll list those suggestions and provide tips for finishing them quicker.




General Settings for Solo, Team, and Co-op Modes


Note: If the specific mode allows you to change these, then the following settings are recommended.  Any differences will be noted in the sections that follow.  These settings empasize greater efficiency and effort while reducing the total time spent in each mode:

Auto-aim:  Allow - Just to make things quicker

Weapons:  Powerful, Rocket Launchers, or any weapon of your choice

Police:  Off

Pedestrians:  It's up to you, but I usually set this to Off

Blips:  All

Online ID Display:  On

Reticule Health:  On - This helps you see how much health a player has when you aim at them

Voice Chat:  If you're hosting, change it to On so people with headsets can talk to each other even if they're on opposite teams

Respawn Distance:  Near

Respawn Time:  1 second

Time of Day:  It's up to you, but I prefer Morning or Midday because there's plenty of sunlight to see far

Weather:  Clear or Overcast, again because it helps with long-range visibility



Solo and Team Modes


Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch - 2 player minimum for Solo, 4 for Team (takes around 1min if you're fast)

Location:  Prison

Duration:  $500

Traffic:  Doesn't matter


Speed Tip:  Everyone should run to the AWPer as fast as they can.  In Team Deathmatch, everyone should join a team that's not the AWPer's.

Mafiya Work & Team Mafiya Work- 2 player minimum for Solo, 4 for Team (can take anywhere from 3-10mins even if you're fast - it depends on the missions that you get)

Location:  Bohan

Duration:  $2,500

Traffic:  Low


Speed Tip:  Everyone should get in a car, preferably a fast one, and drive to the AWPer.  If there's a task that you can help with, complete it almost all the way but let the AWPer finish it off.  Ex:  Getting a car that Petrovic tells you to destroy, drive it to the AWPer, and then have them destroy both you and the car.

Car Jack City & Team Car Jack City - 4 player minimum to start (takes 10min for each version)

Location:  Dukes/Broker

Duration:  10mins

AI Level:  Off - This way, there aren't any guards with guns protecting the cars

Traffic:  Low


Speed and Money Tip:  Similar to Mafiya Work, try to help the AWPer get the task completed by taking a requested vehicle close to the drop-off point.  If you don't have a requested vehicle, you can still pick up a fast one and drive it to the AWPer and have them take you out.  You need to wait it out for 10mins, so try to get as much money as you can, but if you're not the AWPer, be careful about getting money because at the last second you may pull into the lead and the AWPer will have to re-do this one.

Cops 'n Crooks - 4 player minimum to start (All for One takes around 4-6mins and One for All takes around 1-2mins if you're fast)

Game Type:  There are two of them - "All for One" and "One for All" - Each match consists of two rounds (one as a Cop and the other as a Crook).  You need to win both rounds in a match.  If you lose a round as either a Cop or a Crook, then you will need to replay that particular match type again.  If you die during a round but your team still wins it, then it's ok because the win will count for you, as well.

Friendly Fire:  On (so that the boss can be killed quick when needed)

Traffic:  Low or Medium so that the Boss can find cars on the street during the Crook round


Speed Tip for All for One:  When the AWPer is a Crook there are no shortcuts, unfortunately.  The Boss simply needs to reach the getaway vehicle as soon as possible.  When the AWPer is a Cop, though, whoever the Crooks are simply need to take out the Boss as soon as possible.  If friendly fire is enabled, then a Crook who isn't the Boss can help his boss reach the after life much quicker. =p

Speed Tip for One for All:  The side without the AWPer should simply get out of their vehicle at the beginning of the round and pump their car's gas tank with bullets until it lights on fire and then everyone should walk into it and get toasty.  The AWPer's team will win as soon as everyone on the other team gets barbequed.

Turf War - 4 player minimum to start (takes between 1-3mins if you're fast)

Duration:  $1000

Traffic:  Low or Medium


Speed Tips:  Similar to the Deathmatch modes, the losing team should run or drive up to the AWPer's team and get taken out as quickly as possible.  The AWPer's team should also claim all of the turfs as quickly as possible in order to increase the periodic payout since it's only $50 per owned turf every pay period (which is about every 15-20secs).



General Settings for Race and GTA Race Modes


For both race modes it's ok to choose whichever vehicle class you like.  I personally prefer the faster ones, like the Infernus, Banshee, or even the Sabre GT.  For boat races, the Jetmax seems to be the fastest as long as you keep the nose trim high and your tail down in order to maintain full speed.  For helicopters do the opposite of the boat:  Keep your nose dipped low and your tail high.


Regular Race Mode- 2 player minimum to start (takes between 4-5hrs if you're fast - when added to GTA Race Mode, that's 8-10hrs of racing!)

  1. Laps - 1
  2. Vehicle Damage - Scrapes only
  3. Traffic - Parked
  4. Pedestrians - Off
  5. Time of Day - Doesn't matter, but random is cool to create a little variety in the scenery
  6. Weather - Clear or overcast 'cause rain and fog suck!

GTA Race Mode - 2 player minimum to start (takes between 4-5hrs if you're fast - when added to Regular Race Mode, that's 8-10hrs of racing!)

  1. Laps, Traffic, Pedestrians, Time of Day, and Weather can be the same as Regular Race Mode
  2. Weapons - Health Only - Makes things easier if you like to rub up against walls and medians =p  If you lose your vehicle you get a slower-than-molasses scooter, so healing it as often as possible is preferred

Racing Procedure:

Instead of swapping race wins back-and-forth, it's preferred to win through several of them at a time.  Flip a coin or whatever and win the races back to back because it saves so much on time.  If you need a break from the monotony, maybe you can switch it up and let your partner get some wins, but I would recommend doing so after you clear through a handful of them. 


Every 10 races your settings will get reset to their default settings, so pay attention.  Also, don't forget to make sure that you take into account the need for food, bathroom breaks, or what have you.




Co-op Mode - General Info and Settings


There are three Co-op Mode missions: 

  • Dealbreaker
  • Hangman's NOOSE
  • Bomb da Base II


The minimum number of players that you need are 2 to start and the max is 4.


If you beat these missions under Rockstar's time limit (DB is 7:04, NOOSE is 2:32, and BDBII is 5:34) you can get the Fly the Co-op trophy, but for the AWP trophy you simply need to successfully finish each mission.  It doesn't matter how much time it takes, so take your time in beating them and set the difficulty level accordingly. 


Note:   The difficulty level doesn't change the AI of the enemies that you encounter.  The enemies are just as easy to kill on Hard as they are on Easy.  Changing the difficulty level only changes two things, and they are:

  • The amount of lives that you start with:
    • Easy gives you 5
    • Medium gives you 4
    • Hard gives you 3
  • The amount of money that you get when you beat the level (doesn't include the money that you can get from killing enemies or picking up loose cash):
    • Easy gives you $2,500
    • Medium gives you $3,500
    • Hard gives you $4,500


If you partner up with Co-op veterans you can easily get the Fly the Co-op trophy in less than 30mins.  For the sake of getting these missions out of the way, though, I would suggest holding off on the Fly the Co-op trophy until later because if you don't have Co-op vets with you it can take a couple hours.


My record for helping someone get their Fly the Co-op trophy (on the first try) was 14mins.  We didn't get the boat to spawn in Dealbreaker, but my trusty wingman StillHatin and myself were still able to get 6:30.  BDBII took us 5mins and we got NOOSE in about 2:20.  It helped that the person who needed the trophy had a headset because we were able to talk to each other on the fly. =)





Good luck on your AWP hunt!

- Churro


P.S.  Oh, future generations will look back on this trophy and will scoff as they recount the tales of how horrible the servers were at recording their wins.  Perhaps Sony could have pressured Rockstar to use more reliable servers, but at least Sony made the PS3 to be such an awesome machine that it can withstand countless hours on continous gaming. =)




My AWP Story

1st Run:  I started my first run with a user named oogiederper in Nov of '08.  We went through 3/4 of the checklist in two days but then Sony came out with a firmware update on day 3 and we needed to restart our PS3's. =(  We came back, finished the remaining 1/4, and neither of us got the trophy.

2nd Run:  Right after finishing that 1/4, we went through our stats and we saw that one race would not record a stat.  We re-tried that race a bunch of times with different settings and we would go back to singleplayer mode to check our stats and nothing!  oogiederper wanted to quit on this trophy, but I convinced him to help me go through the modes all over again but I still didn't get the trophy.  oogiederper's girlfriend took his GTA game away from him after we were done and she either hid it or destroyed it because of how much time he had devoted. =p  We both decided that we needed to take a break.


By the time that we decided to quit, we had left our PS3's running 5 straight days, 120hrs, from Mon night through Sat night.


3rd Run:  After weeks of researching other people's AWP stories, I got the courage to start on it again.  I wrote the first version of AWP guide and chronicled what all of us did.  I did every single mode and repeated the ones in which new people came in or dropped out.  After I got my last checklist item victory, nothing!  I checked my network stats, found some anomalies in the race counts, re-did them along with Solo, Team, and Co-op modes and nothing!  For one last measure, I did Solo, Team, and Co-op YET AGAIN (because in each mode someone happened to drop or someone new came on and I didn't want to leave it to server error) and nothing!  I was going to quit, but something told me to have hope and leave my system on.


This had taken place from Fri afternoon (Dec 19th) into Sat afternoon -  30hrs of leaving my PS3 on with me taking several breaks but staying in a GTA multiplayer lobby the whole time.


4th (and final) Run:  The GTA community on this wonderful forum banded together and provided the support and encouragement that I needed to keep at it and go through the modes all over again, so we began doing the races.  We did all the Regular Race Mode ones first.  We did Road races then the Boat ones and then proskatercam suggested we do Cannonball because they're the longest, so we did.  We came back to do the Heli races after finishing those insanely long Cannonball races and after I finished the first chopper race (556 Connection), I got my trophy!


This last run lasted me around 6hrs, but only because we listened to proskatercam and did the Cannonball Races before the chopper races. =p  He also accidentally won one of the longest Cannonball races before me so we needed to re-do that race again.  It was a crazy two days, but I had a great group of guys backing me up on my way to the glory.

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Re: In Search of Glory: Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Trophy

Dec 19, 2008
Good luck.  This is the 3rd attempt right?  Spanning this venture across multiple days could be hazardous.  Never know when your ISP might go down, etc.

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Re: In Search of Glory: Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Trophy

Dec 19, 2008
See ya then...
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Re: In Search of Glory: Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Trophy

[ Edited ]
Aug 20, 2012

hmmmm **** me I hate Rockstar look at all those races and Helicopter ones too????????????????????????????? damn it hate helicopters hehe


anyways I was planning to do mine all in one go on sat nite (and sun morning) is that possible??????????


heheh churros everytime I thing of this plan I hear the great escape music playing in th background are we gonna have a get together before we go do I need to add anyone to my list??


Edit: Profanity

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Re: In Search of Glory: Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Trophy

Dec 19, 2008

You know it may sound ironic ,

but this trophy, just because of its idiocy ....

in it's own way can be somewhat legendary....

It has helped me Meet some really cool and not so cool people

AND some of them to Make into really good friendships ...


The path is long and ridden with surprises to the Petrovic Club...



2 years from now :

 "Yo, remember the day we did that ridiculous Petrovic Trophy"

    "Oh ye that was one heck of day, or couple of days..."

 "Haha yea... we met on that damn trophy didn't we ...?"

     "Yep... never knew I'd find another dumb as$ like me to undertake such a crazy caffeine and red bull power trip..."



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Re: In Search of Glory: Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Trophy

Dec 19, 2008

Hahaha!  Shoot, after I get this sucker I'm going to print out a t-shirt that looks like this:


Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic!


True Dedication =


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Re: In Search of Glory: Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Trophy

Dec 19, 2008
tomorrow a friend of mine is going to help me to get it, a will add u in case he have to leave and i didnt finish it yet, or maybe, just for modes that need more than 2 persons

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Re: In Search of Glory: Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Trophy

Dec 19, 2008

ILikeChurros wrote:

Hahaha!  Shoot, after I get this sucker I'm going to print out a t-shirt that looks like this:


Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic!


True Dedication =


Hahahahah After we get this Trophy I am throwing this game in the bin heheh but serioulsy guys don't praise this Trophy to much who knows on the next game they may make a 24 hour trophy like task.

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Re: In Search of Glory: Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Trophy

Dec 19, 2008

PatricioUSA wrote:
tomorrow a friend of mine is going to help me to get it, a will add u in case he have to leave and i didnt finish it yet, or maybe, just for modes that need more than 2 persons

I won't mind helping with the 4-player modes tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll be done with this sucker tonight.

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Re: In Search of the Glory: Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Trophy

Dec 19, 2008

Dude Churros I so want to grab this trophy but I just dont think I can do 9 hours of it, thought I might pop it in tonight and see whats up, maybe if I could get on a schedule, ill load it up and do piece by piece of it without logging off the game and system. I dunno, but maybe ill log in tonight.

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