Jan 29 2013
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Grand Theft Auto V Street Racing Crew

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Royal Imports is a PS3 racing crew.

Overall, RI crew wants to be a home for those who want to belong to a community who gets along, enjoys each others company and wishes to be apart of something great. Are we a competitive crew? Absolutely, but most importantly, RI crew is a family, a place where you will always feel welcome, a place where you will not find other people to game with, but a place where you will find and make friends with. The larger we get, the more competitive and fun we have. The larger we get, the more popular we get.

We welcome all who are 15+ who want to become part of this great clan, and members. It's only great, because of the great members.

SINCERELY, RI Founder, RI_240sx

Royal Imports is real life crew I created here in South Carolina on 12/30/2012

Were recruiting for Grand Theft Auto V. When it comes out I'm hoping there a car customization you can do on free roam and if there is we can open up the crew to GTA V.if it does have that that will be amazing. But we will be racing other crews that will be on it like 2Fast4U and Drift Racers. You will need a mic to join.

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