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New Rumors: Selling Hunting Meat, Starting Character and More

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From GTA5Cheats:


  • Franklin starts at the bottom of the "crime ladder" and restores cars cars for a "crappy" Armenian named Simeon Yetaria. (GTA5C: this possibly means you'll start the game with Franklin, who knows what "crappy" is meant to mean!).
  • You can check the bank balance of your character via ATMs (GTA5C: we've seen this rumored elsewhere before).
  • There are hitchhikers in the game.
  • Michael has a special mini-game in which he can attempt to rob ATMs.
  • There are no internet cafes, instead you can access websites and social networks from your in-game mobile phone (GTA5C: makes sense).
  • You can park your car, ignite the gas tank and explode the vehicle to destroy it/other people/things (GTA5C: we guess this is as opposed to trying to smash up your car and make it explode that way).
  • Hundreds of pet accessories are available (GTA5C: sounds like a lot...)
  • If you have a dog, it can die or get lost. You can then purchase a new one at a pet store (GTA5C: the getting lost part is at least true).
  • The meat you obtain from hunting can be sold to food factories and farms. The meat is then used by in-game burger joint "Burger Shot".
  • If you park your car on the street without a parking ticket it will be towed away. It is possible to reclaim your vehicle by paying a fine to the relevant municipal department (like if you've modified it heavily).
  • Character special abilities are activated using L3 (GTA5C: special ability details here).



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Re: New Rumors: Selling Hunting Meat, Starting Character and More

Jul 19, 2013 could've just replied to my thread regarding starting character (immediaely below this thread ) lol. Also, we already are aware of most of your info, though some of it has been confirmed such as the hitch-hikers...we just don't know to what extent. We were actually able to check our cash balance via the ATMs in GTA IV - we just couldn't make a  deposit/withdrawal (would be so cool if we could do this in V). I do like the idea of having your vehicle towed if you venture too far away from it or fail to utilize a parking meter, but I don't think amount of customization should have any bearing on the retrieval fee...I'd rather have it be a set amount - something like forking over maybe $250 to get your clunker back and perhaps $3500 to get your snazzy high-end exotic/luxury/sports car. This would go along with my idea for taxes where the more money you have, the higher your fines/fees would be. I suppose the idea of selling the meat to certain places sounds a bit'd get paid for feeding your fellow citizens sure is no shame in THAT lol. Oh, and you get a parking TICKET for not having a parking PERMIT lol.

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