Apr 23 2013
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The Download PS3 version of GTA Vice City from The PS Store has major issues

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Playstation had GTA Vice City for download, so I thought "Oh Cool now I will be able to use my controller, and gameplay will be easier and perhaps more precise" Wow, it is an unplayable piece of **bleep**! 
the worst parts are the awful "auto-aim" which prevents you from completing the simplest missions, as you can not shoot at cars, pop tires or shoot oil barrels or any other inanimate objects to fullfill the mission requirements. The stupid auto-aim is always locking on the wrong guy as well allowing the enemy right in front of you to pump you full of bullets or beat the holy **bleep** out of you while you keep locking on some unthreatniing passer-by across the street, even though you are positioning yourself to look straight at the attacker?? 
The other nightmare is the 4 preconfigured controller layouts. OMG! No one would ever set up their controllers like this? Then the worst of all, the hideous transitioning of 3rd to 1st person view when you look around with the right stick, which can only be used by itself and not in conjunction with the left stick?? The lag during the transition is horrible and causes you to lose sight of your quarry or attacker and incapacitates you entirely while it switches modes! Unfortunately for you the game is allowed to beat the **bleep** out of you or shoot you full of holes while you are waiting for the view to finish changing and control of Tommy Vercetti is restored. Please tell me there is a patch available or a cheat code to disable this horrible **bleep** so the game can actually be played successfully. I am afraid I got screwed, what a waste of my hard earned cash! I absolutely love the PC version I have, So Thank God I can play that, but I would like some justice on this PS3 version investment I made, ya know? It ought to work a whole hell of a lot better than this!!!!!

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Re: The Download PS3 version of GTA Vice City from The PS Store has major issues

Apr 23, 2013
4x the **bleep**
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