Feb 20 2013
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Trophy issue - All That Glitters & Silver Lining

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Just yesterday I decided to gold every challenge in the game so I could unlock the two trophies tied with the challenges. One is for silver every challenge and the other is for gold every challenge. Actually there is three trophies because after I finished the last challenge I got True Challenger (clear every challenge). So I know I haven't missed any challenges and when I scroll around the map clicking on every challenge icon it shows that I have bronze silver and gold for every challenge, but I have yet to receive the All That Glitters and Silver Lining trophies. I'm quite confused and also not exactly sure what to do in order to remedy the situation. I turned the game off and started it up today thinking maybe it just needs time to register but today I turned on my Vita and noticed that I still haven't received the trophies.

Has anyone else had a similar problem, how did you fix it?



Just powered up my Vita this morning, PS+ auto synced trophy  information with the server but the trophies are still marked as unearned. Going to try playing every challenge again or something as I am at a total loss for how to remedy this issue. It would be a shame if there was something seriously wrong with these trophies since I am sooooo close to earning the platinum trophy for Gravity Rush.

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Re: Trophy issue - All That Glitters & Silver Lining

Apr 28, 2013

Have you checked every challenge to make sure you've got the Gold for them all? And did you perhaps leave the Boutoume challenges as the final challenges? If you leave those for last people have reported that those glitch out the trophies. 

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