Apr 18 2013
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FREE Guitar Hero: Metallica

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For those of you who have other GH games and would like to have Guitar Hero: Metallica, I am willing to send you a copy (by mail) for free. The only stipulation is that you must pay for shipping. I'm not sure how to go about doing this, so the first person who can help me with a way to make this easy for both parties and who wants the game bad enough to pay for shipping gets it.


Some details:

Bought the game used (original case and book are gone) (pictures coming soon)

Guitar not included (mine broke and I don't care about the game enough to buy a new one)




If there is no headway for this after a random amount of time (basically if I get tired of not giving the game away) then I will pay for shipping myself. I just would really rather give the game away to someone who would play it than sell it for almost nothing at Slacker's.


I reserve the right to give the game to whoever I want (including real-life friends), but I will say that if you beg and are annoying, you will not get it. I'm not asking you to write a post describing why you want it or any contest like that, I'm just asking that people help me give away this game.


Thanks, guys

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