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May 19 2013
By: boboskiwatndot First Son 1 posts

Guitar Hero WOR Guitar won't sync or even turn off?!

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Okay, so one day I turned my PS3 off and noticed the guitar was still on acting like it needed to be synced... I turned my PS3 back on and tried syncing the guitar and it wont work -_- the receiver is blinking at the same speed as the guitar (slow) and I've done everything to try t get the guitar to sync. Nothing works. So I tried taking the batteries out of the guitar and (of course) it turned off, but when I put them back in... it turned back on without me even pressing the PS button or anything?! I tried pressing the PS button to change the speed of the light (trying to get it to sync) it wont do anything... I know the button isn't broken and the guitar is only a few weeks old and it is taken care of so I don't know what could have happened to it.. I've read through some of the other post and I didn't find any that mentioned the guitar turning itself back on immediately after inserting the batteries..or the whole PS button not doing anything at all...


Any suggestions?

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