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Jul 01 2011
By: kuntraz0r First Son 11 posts

HaXS Clan Recruiting (Multi-Platform)

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HaXS Clan has just gone public after a few days of prep work.

About Me

A little about me - I have been into competitive gaming for quite some time now - anyone remember The Zone or MPlayer? Ya that old. The clan I was in for 6 years has just recently broken up so I've decided to start new and created HaXS


HaXS is not entirely or strictly a gaming clan for PS3, as I will be venturing down other avenues with the clan in due time(I am looking for a XBox and PC co-leaders). HaXS will cater to the competitive, the not-so-competitive and the sheer lazy type of gamers. HaXS will focus on teamwork, comradeship and submitting squads to represent us at the highest levels of tournaments and ladders.

For competitive members, the squad leader will dictate the online requirements, however, these will not be set in stone as other obligations do come up. For every other type of member, as long as you are enjoying your time in the clan, there is no requirements for activity, K/D or age.


There are several different type of positions available ranging from:

- Competitive Gamer (ladders/tournaments),

- Gaymers - avg joes in training, and

- Trolls - my favourite kind of member. Details on these positions can be found on the forums :

I am also looking for:

- Admins for the TS3 server, websites, forums and webservers.

- CO-Leaders to run XBOX and PC divisions.


Now for the fun part - Requirements.

Most of the requirements can be found on the clan's website, but there are 3 requirements I will stress now.

1. Active - participate in the clan.

2. Have a sense of humor

3. Read number 2 again


- Your own .com website and free webspace upon request

- Clan teamspeak 3 privledges (420 slot)

- Freebies like free mics, PSN gift cards, and other prizes I reward my fellow clan mates for their dedication

- Access to restricted content

- Reliable, Trustworthy clan leader

- A community that is dedicated

- Learn how to manage servers

- Learn new tips and tricks from your teammates.

- Monthly contests that you do not want to miss out on!

- and much more

With that being said, visit and game for the lulz!

all in all is all we are
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