May 21 2012
By: Fortunate_one_95 Lombax Warrior 128 posts

Recruting tactical Homefront team with mics

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I need some players with mics. I need at least two snipers who use the M100 and M200, one LMG user, PWS diablo user, two Kriss Super V SMG users, one Express 800 shotgun user, four Medium range assault rifle users who use the SCAR or M16, and pure assault people who use either the ACR, or M4.

We need someone to act as a hevy unit to use a rocket launcher and c4, sombody with a personnel UVA spy plane, A Parrot spotter drone, and several UVA strikes and White Phospherous strikes. If you are using the M100 sniper, thermal goggles is wanted but not required.

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