May 30 2011
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Veteran Wargamer - PS3 - Homefront

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This community is PS3 based. This community also welcomes active,  reserve and former military regardless of age. This community is  non-competitive and seeks a friendly environment for all members.

We stand behind team work, honest game play, and friendly environment for all members.  Membership is based on honor and participation. There are no K/D ratios or boot camp type of trial. All mature gamers are welcome to seek membership.

Forum access:

18+  age limit is required to sign up to the forum. Clan membership is by  invitation only. Signing up to the forum you will assigned to the Visitor Member group. 

Feel free to post in public forums and initiate game play with other members. If you seem to be a fit

or have interest in becoming a full-fledged member you will be invited to become a member.

Non-members will not wear or display our Clan tag.

Visitor Access Requirements to forum (Public Area):

  * 18 years or older

  * Must reside in North America

General requirements to become a clan member:

Note: Clan membership is by invitation or sponsorship by current active member

    * 18+ age limit

    * 30 days minimum as registered Visitor

    * Show maturity

    * Be respectful of other members

    * PS3

    * Help other members

    * Observe terms of service for forum

    * Be able to take a joke -Sense of humor

    * Have Fun

    * What is seen and posted here - stays here!

    * Dual Clan memberships are forbidden.

    * Active in Forum - 1 Post per month minimum

    * Active in game play with other members.

Note: There are no unreasonable game play requirements, consideration for work and home life are respected.

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Re: Veteran Wargamer - PS3 - Homefront

Feb 17, 2011

Love the mission statement -- very similar to the MAG clan I'm a member of and hoping to bring to Homefront.  While there is no age restriction, we also look for individuals that work as a team and for the overall objective.

On that note, are you aware of any type of clan or group deployment support and structure in Homefront's MP?  Details would be most helpful. 

If our officers don't see it fit to bring our group to this game, I would love to join yours.

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