Jan 23 2012
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sniper rifle

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o.k., the M110 sniper rifle is awsome in homefront, but whats the point of the M2000. i understand it adds diversity to the game so not all players are using the same gun but seriously. because its bolt action, it still takes two hits to kill a guy unless you get em in the head but if you dont, by the time you re-chamber the round to get a second hit but by that time, the guy you are shooting at is gone. sure you can get em in one shot to the head but the crosshairs are so big because they are illuminated by white, i find myself on the guys head but it doesnt kill him. it either hits him in the chest or elswere. it happens all the time so i know its not lag. and i also understand it cant be a one hit kill gun otherwise you would have noobs going around for an easy game and then everybody would be using it.

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