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Re: Loyalty Bonuses

May 7, 2008

Thanks for pointing out that FAQ thanks to Roughdawg for putting it together!  Here are the bonuses from his write up:




1 Increase number of power shots

2 Can now adjust power with O and Triangle

3 Backdoor putt up 10%, extra costume

4 Homing and Rising Shots are now legal

5 Increase number of power shots

6 Backdoor putt up 10%, extra costume

7 Intermediate Clubs are now unlocked

8 Increase number of power shots

9 Backdoor putt up 10%, extra costume

10 Spiral Shots are now legal

11 Advanced Clubs are now unlocked

12 Impact Precision increased MAX Backdoor putt up 10%, extra costume


PS - I tried to link to the FAQ but the forum said it was an invalid HTML.  Here is the cut/paste version:


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Re: Loyalty Bonuses

Jun 18, 2008

JEdwards wrote:

When you get loyalty level 2, you get power fine-tuning. You can then hit Triangle (increase 1% unless already 100%) or Circle (decrease 1%) instead of X when you set the impact. I don't know if there's a list, but I know they include: more power shots (just about every other level), more outfit colors (I think the last when you MAX out: level "13"), special shots (rising, homing, and spiral), upgraded clubs (level 7 for A/Elite clubs and level 11 for S/Special clubs), and the ability to max out the power (within the given range) when you have perfect impact (level 12, I think). Feel free to correct me. So, my personal opinion is that level 2 (power fine-tuning) and levels 7 and 11 (upgraded clubs) are the ones to work toward.


By the way, once you've beaten a challenge, you seem to get less loyalty when you replay it. So plan around that by getting your favorite characters up to 7 or 11, then moving on to level up others. You can always get loyalty online and re-playing challenges, especially the VS matches. Beating the top characters (like Anya) on the hardest courses (you can actually choose what course to play them) will net you good increases to loyalty everytime, particularly if you get a "called game" (3 strokes up before hole 8) on them. Basically, you get more loyalty for playing the harder courses (online or offline) and better competition (e.g., Platinum) when offline.

Is there a list somewhere specifically detailing all the different ways one can boost loyalty and how the formula works for determining how much each of those methods can raise the loyalty?


I've won each of the 96 challenge matches, and my stats say I've played 122 rounds, and yet I've barely raised the loyalty levels of most of the characters, and have only maxed out one.  At htis pace, it will take me over a year to max them all out.


Has anyone firgured out what is the fastest method for raising loyalty?



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Re: Loyalty Bonuses

Jun 19, 2008

The fastest way would probably be beating Anya on Crown with a called game after the first three holes. However, since that's not guaranteed everyt time, you could try the called game "cheat" instead (giving up quickly to Anya on Crown). But that would be awful repetitive and tiresome. Best way to do it is play Stroke on Silver Peaks or Crown (long tee, especially for Peaks). It's good practice, plus you'll get a good chunk of loyalty. I played a game room last night on Silver Peaks (long tee) with Gloria, an expert character. I had a level 7 loyalty going in, and I received 3/4 of a heart increase after 18 holes. Not sure if the special "must be within 6ft" rule affected the amount of loyalty. By the way, it probably takes around 25 to 30 rounds to max a character (more if you're not playing on harder courses).


TIP: If you just want to compete online with maxed characters, I would advise just maxing certain ones to save you time. Sophie, Bjorn (for rain on easier courses), Suzuki (for Crown and Peaks), Felipe, Fernando (for rain on Crown and Peaks), Alex, Anya, and Gloria. You could probably omit Bjorn and Felipe (the latter if you bought Alex). These are probably the best in each class for the online tourneys, particularly on the harder courses. For the most part, they have good control and spin (or can be set up to have that).



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