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Jun 17 2008
By: iMustbreaku~ First Son 18 posts

What do you have to be to become a "God of Golf" in HSGOT2?

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I have been playing HSG0T2 online with people in Japan and noticed some of them are ranked God of Golf.  I have played many rounds as a Wizard and am beginning to wonder if I can even achieve that rank.  The Black rank is never ending right?  Also does anyone know how to get the lady out of the tree, the one playing hide and seek with kids?  That is the last character I need and have tried at least 13 times with different characters and costumes.  Please let me know and let me know your online rank, my current rank is G0 bronze.  Glad to see I am not the only one who cannot get enough of Hot Shots.


online game name - dolph (United States)

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Re: What do you have to be to become a "God of Golf" in HSGOT2?

Jun 18, 2008
I only have HSG:smileysurprised:B, but have played the entire series for almost 10 years- the highest rank in HSG:Fore was "HSG Man" (Man rank was actually higher than "Almighty" rank ironically) - in order to acheive that rank, you needed a birdie on every hole of every course from every tee.  So if you run out of ideas, I would work on that angle.
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