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Apr 09 2013
By: HorrorGod PlayStation MVP 4221 posts

"Hot Shots Golf: OoB - Complete Collection" question

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So, I saw the blog post that said this game is $9 for PS+ members, starting today. (which seems like too good of a deal to pass up.)

I just wanted to know if anyone here could let me know what exactly the "Complete Collection" includes.

I can't find that info anywhere. I did a search on Google as well as on here. The only thing it likes to add in the description for the title is "includes Kratos and Sackboy." Maybe I'm missing it.


What I really want to know is, does it include the extra courses that came out as DLC?

Has anyone bought this "Complete Collection."?



EDIT: Decided to just go ahead and buy it anyway, before the sale ended.

I can confirm it does in fact include ALL DLC for the game.

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