Dec 25 2012
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My real life Journey

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On the night of the 20th of December.. Me and a good friend did a night walk in the forest on a distance of 25km going up 2 peak of 1300meters each..


At some point I realized that wearing this red aluminum sheet to keep myself warm while walking silently in the snow to eventually reach the top of a mountain was definitely a "Journey" moment.


I walked for a good 12h, surviving the cold and the tiredness.. You both rely on each other and you this forces you to think about stuff..


The closer you get to the top...the more windy it gets.. you can't stay long since the cold will get through you rapidly... but at the very top... you fill fulfilled..


Once you're at the really have another journey in front of get all the way back to the camp.


(Note that I have very good knowledge for surviving in the wild and dealing with the cold.. )

Do not try what I did if you don't have previous experience. It is very dangerous.








Thank you for this great game thatgamecompany.


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