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What has happened in the storyline since KH2?

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I'm sure im not alone on this, but I have not played a kingdom hearts game since they were on the ps2 (kingdom hearts 2)


Can anyone sort of summarize some key plot points that have happened in the 4 or so games since KH2? I'm sure it would be a help to a lot of KH fans myself included.


Thanks for the help Smiley Happy

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Re: What has happened in the storyline since KH2?

Aug 22, 2012

I'll do my best to help you out. I'm assuming you played Chain of Memories


Birth By Sleep: Story of three keyblade wielders.

Ventus: A kid that looks excatly like Roxas, ends up with his heart damaged so he seeks help on another kid (Sora) and thats how Sora gets to wield his keyblade, and why Roxas does not look like Sora.

Terra: Generic tough hero, but darkness resides within him, ends up consumed by it and possesed by Master Xehanort.

Aqua: Keyblade Master, tries to save both Ventus and Terra, but fails, in the end she hides the body of Ventus on Castle Oblivion and, while fighting Terra-Xehanort, he lost his memories (so he becomes the guy we all hate from the original KH). She is trapped on the World of Darkness.

Master Xehanort (Main Enemy): really creepy old guy, wants the power of kingdom hearts, he manipulates Terra over the course of the game and ens up possesing him.


Is a really dark game (I liked it) and ends up very tragicly.


365/2 Days: Story of Roxas when he was on Organization XIII. He mets Axel and Xion (who can wield a keyblade too), they become friends and all is happines and killing heartless for the Organization until he start losing memories. Turns out, Xion is a clone of Roxas made by Xemnas, who is kinda a clone of Sora, so while Xion becomes stronger, he gets weak, not only that, Sora cannot get his memories back until both of them return to him. Roxas gets angry, Xion makes him battle her and Xion loses and is absorbed by Roxas (so now Roxas has two keyblades). He tries to defeat Xemnas but is defeated by Riku who needed him to help Sora.


Pretty light game, until the end. I like how they explained why Roxas has two keyblades but is really not necessary to play this game.


Codec: Not very interesting, the story does not help at all. In the end you get to know that, as both Xemnas (Xehanorts nobody) and Amnsen (Xehanorts heartlees) were destroyed, the original Xehanort is back (and thats the story of KH3)




I've never played KH3D so I can't help you with that one =P


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