Jan 19 2013
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[KBK] We FIGHT or DIE! Now Recruiting Valor!

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We have just became a clan and are looking for beast players to join. [KBK] (KILL or BE KILLED] We FIGHT or DIE! Is a great clan that you do not want to miss!


What Kind Of People We Want!

  • Good players for battles
  • No one kills each other. If you do you will be kicked from the clan
  • Teamwork. No one is left behind. If one is bleeding out, one must help, if possible. If backup needed, give backup.
  • No cussing if you have a mic. If you do then you are kicked.
  • And have fun. Don't pout if we lose. Good sportsmanship.


First five to join my clan gets a promotion. If I see other players later on that are good, then I will give them a promotion.


If interested in joining

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Re: [KBK] We FIGHT or DIE! Now Recruiting Valor!

Jan 19, 2013
This makes sense. No one joined my first clan so just make a second. :smileyvery-happy:

Just join KEQ. No point in trying to make a clan nowadays.
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