Jul 19 2013
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Friends do not exist???

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New to game. Trying to create a league. When I go to invite a certain friend, who is on my friends list, and sometimes in the game at same time, their name is not showing up in the in-game friends list for the invite? I type their name in, and the game comes back saying they don't exist? And I am 100% positive it is spelled correctly.

So if I want to challenge this friend to a simple game, I can't under these conditions. 

This is not the case with all my friends who have the game, just a few. I fixed one of them by deleting their name from my list, then re-inviting them. Still didn't show up in-game friends list, but when I spelled their name out, it finally found them.

But when I tried this with another friend, it didn't work.

This is an obvious glitch, how do we work around this?

Is there a patch on the way to fix this?


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