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****Hawk's annual GOTM review thread******

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Intro) Well, here it is. We are at the end of the year and with no games of note coming out in December (except maybe on PSN), I thought this would be a good time to do my annual Game of the month review thread. The reason for doing this is to be able to summerize the year's Game releases. To essentially fill in each catagory in order to have as a referance for the game of the year. Which I'll do next week, because it's important to acknowledge the year's best games at the end of the year. So by doing this now, you make it easier for yourself when it comes time to do the GOTY thread. Of special note, if you did my 6 month GOTM thread back in June (found here,
), then your jobs essentially half done. And thus all you have to do is copy and paste what you did then onto this thread.

OK, here are the rules:

1) Your GOTM picks have to be new games released during that month of this year. It can't be Uncharted 2 for example, just because you happened to buy Uncharted 2 during a particular month this year. So, it has to be a new game released in a particular month that you now own. Now whether or not you've played that new game yet is maybe not as important. If you have, great. It means your picking from experiance. But, if you've read reviews or have an intitial opinion about a new game, then that's enough of a reason to list it for a given month.

2) There can be runner-up's. I'm a firm believer that each catagory has to have a runner-up. Runner-up's are basically the 2nd best

game in each catagory and thus deserve to be recogonized. There can be a Two-way tie in the runner-up catagory, however there can not be a three-way tie. That would be the 3rd best game and......

3) A 3rd best game is what the multiplatform catagory is for. Basically, Multiplatform GOTM is the 3rd best game of the month. It also is a game that is best play by anyone with either system. So, if you have a 3rd best game that's also the PS3 version of a multiplatform game, then you can list it.

4) DLC and arcade games. Basically, these two catagories are a bit harder to fill. Unless you have been keeping a record of games you bought of the PS store (or have checked your Download history recently) then it's harder to remember new DLC (which is any map packs or expansions you bought) or arcade games. So in these catagories at least, you can list games you bought of PSN during a given month. They don't have to be newly released games, just games you bought of PSN in that given month.

5) Optional catagories. I usually add port or remake of the month (best game ported over or remade from another system), sequel of the month (best new game that's also a sequel),  Best hardware of the month (any hardware you bought for your PS systems), and best Retro game (old games re-released on disc or for download. But, I recogonize that these may be harder to do, if you haven't been keeping track of the new releases. So, these are optional catagories.

6) All games listed have to be Playstation only. I know, I'm a multisystem owner too, but those are the forum  rules. We all must obey, LOL!.

7) Finally, please try to be as detailed as possible with your picks. Remember, filling this out now wil help you for when I do my GOTY thread next week. So, there's a larger purpose to doing this. 

OK, Catagory list:

January: (and one for February through November)






Multiplatform GOTM:


PSN  or Arcade GOTM:



DLC of the month:



Also in a given month (month1-12): Not the best games of the month, but what were the other games you bought in a given month. This can be older games as well as new games. Disc based games, PSP games, PSP downloads, any DLC, and anything boought off the PS store are all OK to list. 

Optional catagories:

Sequel of the month:


Retro GOTM:


Port or remake of the month:

Hardware of the month:

Finally...........*Dramatic pause* LOL!

Do a top 50 games of the year for Playstation list. This will also help summerize your year before doing my GOTY thread next week.

Top 50 (from any PS system, downloads included):




















































My final words of encouragement: OK, think about whay you want to write. Please take your time and try to be as detailed with your picks as possible. Thank you.





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Re: ****Hawk's annual GOTM review thread******

Dec 9, 2010

OK, my picks:

1st Six months:



PS3 GOTM: Bayonetta

Runner-up: Darksiders


PSP GOTM: Nothing

Multiplatform GOTM: Bayonetta

Runner-up: Darksiders


PSN  or Arcade GOTM: Pixeljunk Shooter


DLC of the month: Assassin's creed 2: Sequence 12 battle for forli


Also January: Tank battles (PSN),Puzzlegeddon (Multi), Kurulin fusion (PSP),Bloons (PSP mini), Dynogems (PSP Mini), PS3 update 3.15, DLC: Infamous DLC, Uncharted 2:Heroes character pack, Pain: Painball DLC and characters, NFSSmiley Frustratedhift team racing DLC, Brutal legend: Hammer of infinate fate Map pack, Madden ultimate team add-on, Gran turismo (PSP) car pack. LBP-PSP add-ons, Zen pinball:Ninja gaiden sigma 2 table, Magic ball: Orbz add-on, Uncharted 2-Eye of indria episodes 2-4 motion comic, LBP: Pirates of the carribean level pack, LBP:AC 2 and pirates of the carribean costume pack, Tekken 6Smiley Frustratedamauri costume DLC, and free digital comics for the PSP. 





PS3 GOTM: Heavy rain

Runner-up: Bioshock 2


PSP GOTM: Nothing...again


Multiplatform GOTM: Bioshock 2

Runner-up: Dante's Inferno


PSN  or Arcade GOTM: Nothing


DLC of the month: Assassin’s creed 2Smiley Frustratedequence 13-Bonfire of the vanities expansion

Runner-up: Tie. BorderlandsSmiley Frustratedecret armory of general knox expansion
and Resident evil 5: Lost in nightmare expansion pack.


Sequel of the month: Bioshock 2


Also Feb: Eat lead:ROMH (Multi), Ridge racer (PSP download), Frogger returns (PSN), DLC: Star wars:FU Hoth mission pack (Multi), Dark void: survivor missions (Multi), NFSSmiley Frustratedhift team racing add-on (multi). Uncharted 2: Map 2 with costumes,Dante’s infernoSmiley Frustratedouls packs (Multi),LBP-PSP Lurve level & savananna level and costumes.




PS3 GOTM: God of war 3

Runner-up: Yakuza 3


PSP GOTM: Nothing...again


Multiplatform GOTM: Battlefield:Bad company 2

Runner-up: Just cause 2


PSN  or Arcade GOTM: Mega man 10


DLC of the month: Dragon age origins: Awakening add-on
Runner-up: Resident evil 5:Episode 2-Desperate escape


Sequel of the month: God of war 3

Runner-up: Battlefield:Bad company 2


Retro GOTM: Mega man 10


Also March: Dante’s inferno: Dark forest expansion plus relics triple pack (Multi), Bioshock 2Smiley Frustratedinclare’s solutions map pack (Multi), Yakuza 3:Challenge pack(PSN), LBP (PSP) 3 new levels and costumes, Borderlands:Underdome (PSN),and Grid: Prestige pack (PSN), Zen pinball: earth defense table (PSN).




PS3 GOTM: Super Street fighter 4



PSP GOTM: Freescape:escape from Hell (PSP Mini) 

Runner-up: Tie. Age of zombies (PSP Mini) and Alien zombie death (PSP Mini) 


Multiplatform GOTM: Super Street fighter 4


PSN  or Arcade GOTM: Nothing


DLC of the month: GTA:Episodes of Liberty city (PSN)

Runner-up: Heavy rain:Chronicles of the Taxidermist episode (PSN) 


Sequel of the month: Super Street fighter 4


Also April: Handheld games: Age of zombies (PSP Mini), Alien zombie death (PSP Mini), DLC: Uncharted 2: Siege pack (PSN), Dante’s inferno: Trails of St lucia and the Godlike pack (Multi), Dragon age:Feast day combo pack (Multi), Just cause 2: Black market pack and free vehicleS (Multi), LBP(PSP):Temple levels and costumes, Magic orbz: Jungle levels (PSN), LBP-PSP island theme pack plus costumes, Mega man 10 DLC:Boss mode, endless mode plus special stages 1-3 (Multi)




PS3 GOTM: Red dead redemption

Runner-up: Modnation racers


PSP GOTM: Modnation racers (PSP)


Multiplatform GOTM: Red dead redemption

Runner-up: Splitsecond


PSN  or Arcade GOTM: Soldner X-2:Final battle


DLC of the month: Dragon age: dark spawn chronicles (Multi)
Runner-up: Batman:AA Joker and prey challenge packs from the GOTY edition


Sequel of the month: Skate 3


Also May: Games: Prince of persia:Forgotten sands (Multi) and Blur (Multi), DLC: Just cause 2: Black market DLC (Multi),  Modnation racers DLC, LBP PSP Turbo level pack and circus levels, LBP more animals pack (PS3), Skate 3 time savers pack (Multi), and Splitsecond: time savers pack (Multi).




PS3 GOTM: Singularity

Runner-up: Lego Harry potter:Yrs 1-4


PSP GOTM: Metal gear solid: PW (PSP)


Multiplatform GOTM: Singularity

Runner-up: Lego Harry potter:Yrs 1-4

PSN  or Arcade GOTM: Planet Mini Golf


DLC of the month: Red dead redemption: outlaws to the end co-op pack
Runner-up: MW2Smiley Frustratedtimulus pack for PS3


Retro GOTM: N20 (PS1 classic)

Port or remake of the month: Syphon filter:LS (PS2)


Also June: Bioshock 2:Rapture retro map pack, Skate 3:Maloof challenge NYC and Blackbox distribution park,  Burn zombie burn:In space add-on, Modnation racers DLC (PSN), LBP DLC (PSN), Just cause 2 DLC.


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Re: ****Hawk's annual GOTM review thread******

Dec 9, 2010

My picks part 2: The 2nd six months






PS3 GOTM: NCAA Football 11


PSP GOTM: Hot shots: Tennis:Get a grip (PSP)


Multiplatform GOTM: NCAA Football 11


PSN  or Arcade GOTM: Deathspank


DLC of the month: MW2:Resurrgance map pack for PS3

Runner-up: Dragon age:Leiana’s song


Retro GOTM: Blood omen:Kain’s legacy (PS1 classic)


Also July:  Games: Lost planet 2 (Multi), Super street fighter 4 (Multi), Army of two:40th day (Multi), 3D dot game heroes. Arcade:  Bejeweled (PSP), Ancients of ooga (XBLA), Afterburner climax (PSN), DLC: BF:BC 2 onlslaught mode, Lost planet 2 map packs, Army of two:40th day chapters of deceit add-on, Skate 3anny’s dream pack, and LBP add-on’s. 




PS3 GOTM: Madden 11

Runner-up: Kane & Lynch 2D


PSP GOTM: Ace combat:JA (PSP) 


Multiplatform GOTM: Madden 11

Runner-up: Kane & Lynch 2D


PSN  or Arcade GOTM: Castle crashers

Runner-up: Shank


DLC of the month: Bioshock 2:Menerva’s den single player add-on

Runner-up: Red dead redemption:Legends and killers pack


Sequel of the month: Mafia 2

Runner-up: Kane & Lynch 2D


Port or remake of the month: Castle crashers


Also August: Wakeboarding HD (PSN), Pixeljunk racers:2nd lap (PSN), 2xtreme (PS1 classic), On Handhelds: Patchwork heroes, Echoshift,  and Zuma (all PSP). PSP mini’s: Dracula undead awakining, normal tanks, vempire, and Let’s golf. DLC: Dragon age:Golems of Amgarrak, Bioshock 2: Protector trials single player add-on, Mafia 2 Renegade pack, Kane and lych 2:weapon pack and Doggy bag map pack. 




PS3 GOTM: PS Move bundle with Sports championship

Runner-up: Dead rising 2


PSP GOTM: Kingdom hearts:bbs (PSP)


Multiplatform GOTM: Dead rising 2

PSN  or Arcade GOTM: Deathspank:Thongs of virtue

Runner-up: Lara croft:guardian of light (PSN)


DLC of the month: Borderlands:Claptrap's Robot revolution add-on

Runner-up: Tie. Dragon age:witch hunt


Sequel of the month: Dead rising 2


Retro GOTM: Space invaders infinity gene 

Runner-up: Sonic adventure

Port or remake of the month: Lara croft:guardian of light (PSN)

Hardware of the month: Playstation Move


Also Sept: Arcade games: Tumble (PSN/PSmove), Blade kitten (Multi), Terrover (PSN), Hustle Kings (PSN). Handheld Games:  Tehra dark warrior (PS Mini). PS classics: Jumping flash 2, Nuclear strike, Delta force:Urban warfare,  Star wars:dark forces, One, Legacy of kainSmiley Frustratedoul reaver, Soviet stike, Gard seed (import). DLC: Mafia 2:Betrayal of jimmy (PSN) and Jimmy’s vendetta (M), RDR: Liars and cheats pack, Sonic adventuresX upgrade, Skate 3Smiley Frustratedan van pack, High velocity bowling PS move upgrade (PSN), Planet mini-golf: Stronghold island add-on




PS3 GOTM: Fallout:Vegas

Runner-up: Enslaved: OTTW


PSP GOTM: Nothing


Multiplatform GOTM: Fallout:Vegas

Runner-up: Enslaved: OTTW


PSN  or Arcade GOTM: Alien breed:Impact (PSN)

Runner-up: Sonic 4: Episode 1 


DLC of the month: Red dead redemption:Undead nightmare add-on


Sequel of the month: Star wars forced unleased 2


Retro GOTM: Sonic 4: Episode 1

Port or remake of the month: Sonic 4: Episode 1 


Also Oct: Games: Medal of honor, Vanquish, The shoot and Time crisis:RS (PS move). DLC: Splitsecond:survival at the rock and deadline packs, Sports champs Add-ons (PSN), Pain: Ski lodge add-on.




PS3 GOTM: Gran Turismo 5

Runner-up: Call of Duty:Black op's


PSP GOTM: God of war:Ghost of sparta (PSP)

Runner-up: Splitsecond (PSP)


Multiplatform GOTM: Call of Duty:Black op's

Runner-up: Tie. Assassins creed:Brotherhood & Need for speed:HP  


PSN  or Arcade GOTM: Pac-man Champoinship edition DX

Runner-up: Dead Nation


DLC of the month: Mafia 2: Joes adventures  

Runner-up:Assassin’s creed brotherhood: Corpurnicus Conspiracy add-on (PSN)


Sequel of the month: Gran Turismo 5



Retro, Port and the remake of the month: Sly collection (PS3)

Runner-up: Prince of persia HDSmiley Frustratedand of time (PSN)


Also Nov: Splatterhouse (M). Handheld games: (PSP, Mini’s and PS1 classics): God of war:GOS, Gran turismo PSP, Resistance:Retribution, SOCOM:FTB3, Death Jr 1&2, Grooven blocks, Luxor 2, Peggle, Tomb raider:Last revolation (PS1 classic), Sonic wings (PS1 classic), Blockids (PS1 classic), Young thor (Mini), Jelly car 2 (Mini), Who’s that flying? (Mini). DLC:  Enslaved: Pigsy’s perfect 10, Splitsecondnslaught pack (M), Medal of honor:Clean sweep map pack (PSN), Splatterhouse: Killing floors&hall of mirrors challenge pack, Lara croft:GOL Challenge pack 1&2, Need for speed:HP time savers and rebels car pack, Soldner X-2:last chapter add-on, Space invaders:Bonus stages 3-5, Sports champions:reverse course add-on (PSN), And add-ons for Pain , modnation racers, and dead rising 2.



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Re: ****Hawk's annual GOTM review thread******

Dec 9, 2010

And finally (because I'm apparently running into trouble posting a full script of what I wrote initally, so I had to divide this into 3 parts).........


Hawk's top 50 list of the year:


1) God of war 3

2) Heavy rain

3) Red dead Redemption

4) Call of duty: Black op's

5) Gran turismo 5

6) Fallout: New vegas 

7) Assassin's creed:Brotherhood

8) Need for speed: Hot pursuit

9) Battlefield: Bad company 2

10) Modnation Racers

11) Splitsecond

12) Bioshock 2

13) Bayonetta

14) Madden 11

15) Skate 3

16) NCAA Football 11

17) Just cause 2

18) EnslavedTTW

19) Vanquish

20) Sly collection

21) God of war: Ghost of sparta (PSP)

22) MGS: PW (PSP)

23) Deathspank and Deathspank thongs of virtue (PSN)

24) Soldner X-2

25) Medal of Honor

26)Sports champions-PS move

27) Mafia 2

28) Dead rising 2

29) Pac-man Champoinship edition DX

30) GTA: Episodes of liberty city add-on's

31) MW 2: Stimulus and resurgence map packs

32) Hot shots tennis: Get a grip

33) Star wars forced unleashed 2

34) Sonic 4:Episode 1

35) Shank

36) Lara croft and the guadian of light

37) Castle crashers

38) Assassin creed sequence 12 &13 add-on

39) Resident evil 5: 2 expansions

40) All the Dragon age expansions

41) All the Borderlands expansions

42) The Mafia 2 expansions

43) Dead nation

44) Space invaders infinity gene

45) Freescape:escape from Hell (PSP Mini)

46)  Who’s that flying? (Mini)

47)Alien zombie death (PSP Mini) 

48)Age of zombies (PSP Mini)

49) Mega man 10

50) The shoot (PS move)




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