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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Mar 6, 2006
Awesome topic, here is the first ever time I will talk solely about me on the boards.

My name is Larry, and I am 14 years old (being born on September 10, 1991) so my birthday is in about 6 months this Friday (which is my brothers birthday, he is turning 11). Smiley Tongue I was born into a military family and I have lived in Europe and the USA. Originally, I was born in Oslo, Norway so I guess you could call me Norwegian-partially. When I was growing up, I lived mostly in Ohio and I was thought to be autistic once because of the way I talked. I was talking a combination of Norwegian/English and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. Smiley Tongue In Ohio, I was raised very carefully since I needed to learn English and other things before I went to school. I went to school late 1 year and that is why I am basically in the 8th grade still. I will be 15 when I enter High School so I get to drive in 10th grade (Oh joy... Smiley Tongue).

I get really good grades in school currently except Math (because it is hard for me and I have a somewhat bad teacher). Oddly as it is, I love talking about gaming industry topics and I am ALL INTO games at the moment. I play sports and have an outside life but mainly it is PlayStation 2 and the boards here. Smiley Tongue I spend my weekends trying to finish all of the games I got for Christmas which sums up to be about 16. Smiley Tongue Kingdom Hearts is my main focus currently since Kingdom Hearts II is due out later in March. Now lets take a look into my gaming life.

In 1994 is when I first touched a video game. The first video game I played was Super Mario Bros. on my Nintendo and shortly thereafter, I expanded my collection with Zelda, Metroid, and other fascinating games that got me extremely interesting in gaming. I got a Super Nintendo shortly after my brother was born and what I really liked on that system was Zelda 3, Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy. What is really interesting about video games is that they helped me learn more and more. When I first started playing, there wasn't any game, I think, that had any voice overs in it so the text helped me read also with learning English. I feel guilty saying this but I bought a Nintendo 64 instead of a PlayStation back in 97 but I did get a PlayStation 2 in 2002. Smiley Tongue

Nintendo 64 is really when I started playing games daily and I craved more and more games. What I consider to be the best game ever, was Zelda: Ocarina of Time and I couldn't stop playing it for 2 years straight because it was so good. After that, I got my PlayStation 2 and basically waved goodbye to my GameCube. It all started in 2002 and I played Jak and Daxter to fill up my time with PS2. After that, I usually just bought Tony Hawk, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank (one of the best games for PS2, imo), and Sly Cooper games for PS2. In 2003-2004, I spent most of those years researching and trying to find out more about Jak II and Jak 3. Fortunately, I got to play the E3 demo of Jak II somewhere and I got to play Jak 3 a few months before its release.

Last year, I played games like Shadow of the Colossus, Resident Evil 4 and God of War. With Jak X, I was able to play the full gold version of the game two weeks before it was shipped to store. Call me lucky now since I am able to get many games a month and I had a great Christmas last year because of all of the presents. Smiley Tongue I celebrate it to spend time with the family, don't worry. lol Anyway, coming up in my life is Daxter next week, Kingdom Hearts II, and Metroid Prime Hunters for DS all this month. Expect to see reviews on the PlayStation titles in the future and check out my Daxter Information thread at the Daxter Board.
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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Mar 6, 2006

Well, you can refer me as Wave (note this has to do with the ocean, not the action with your hand ) I'm 16 (17 in May) and I'm a junior in high-school. I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember watching my parents play the NES as a 2 year old. I currently live in IL.

When it comes to gaming interests, I usually am interested in games that interest me. I do love rpg's, especially Kingdom Hearts. Haven't gotten in touch with FF yet, but I will wen FFXII comes out. Last year I introduced myself to the mmorpg world with Guild Wars. I'm not a big fan for shooters, but have grown to like Socom FTB for the PSP. I love Burnout, especially since I can go online now.My all-time favorite games are: Kingdom Hearts, Guild Wars, and Burnout 3/Revenge. I'm an addicted player when it comes to Guild Wars.

I plan to go into Game Programming (I thought "If I started with video games, I'll end with it.") I just don't know where to go for college. No job yet, but I'll get one by Summer's start. When it comes to buying games, I always rent before buy. Though, I'm not much of a spender.

I think that covers it all.

"Memories are forgotten, but never lost."
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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Mar 7, 2006
My name is Drew, not

I'm 15, born December 5th, 1990.

I guess I could start off with sports. Growing up I started with T-Ball, played 2 years of that at a very young age, and I honestly don't remember what happened but I guess I just moved on. From there, it was mainly basketball for the longest time, I usually played PG or SG, though I pretty much stopped last year. I did enjoy a year of soccer as well, played right forward, and some left forward as well. I really did enjoy soccer, actually did very well in my opinion for my first year ever playing, though that team that I was on split after that year. They had been together for 5+ years, I knew everyone on the team as well, just it split, and I missed club tryouts and didn't care to play recreational again with the team that would be taking over next year, so I just dropped that. Now though, I've been mainly focusing on golf. I first picked up a club in 5th grade, though I didn't get very serious till probably the start of 8th grade. I enjoy it, though it's too much of a mental game at times, and I can really feel disappointed after bad games....which happened today with JV swing team that I made just recently. Oh well, always another day.

As for gaming, I don't do it too much anymore, which as you can see I hardly participate in gaming discussion because of that. I just usually don't have the time, interest, or money for that sort of stuff. Though when I still do, it's usually always sports games. I did play a lot of Socom II back when it came out, also a lot of Starcraft for the PC. My prime of single player stuff though was probably the days of N64. Big fan of LoZ: OoT.

As for my future, I don't really know at this point. I'm kind of on edge still with my interest in being a dentist. I don't really know what else I want to do that would be realistic. I'd rather focus on high school right now, I'm only at the beginning, and hoping to keep my grades tip-top.
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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Mar 7, 2006
Well, here I go. My name is Timothy Appiah. I am 14 years old and was born December 2nd, 1991. As a young child, i really enjoyed the world of video gaming. I recived my first videogame consle when i was about 7. It was the Super Nintendo. I also like to participate in many phyisical activites as well including baseball, basketball and a little bit of football. Over the past few years, I have aquired a new delicacy over basketball. I have spent more time playing sports then my beloved videogames but, I really do love to play an exciting game of Socom FTB for the PSPâ ¢.

Nowadays, I come and spend most of my time here at the Playstation boards. Its really the only reason why I ever drag myself to the computer. I find it extremely addicting. I love readng all the game reviews and things everyone has to say.I think of this place as a meeting place where I can find all my news and information all together and on top of that, have a great time posting and meeting new people. During my spare time, I enjoy my favorite sport basketball.

As a future career, i think right now, its pretty fuzzy as to what I plan on doing. I have plenty of time now to figure out as to what i want to acomplish as a full responsible adult. But as for now, you'll always be able to find me either on the internet on the Playstation boards or playing Counter Strike: Source 24/7.
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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Mar 7, 2006
Great topic we have here with some sweet responses so far!  Smiley Happy  As most of you can already tell, my name is Brandon.  I'm 17 years old and I attend Sleepy Eye Public High School where I am a Junior (11th Grade).  I really enjoy school for the most part, as it is a great place for making and conversing with friends.  My town only has about 3,000 citizens, and I own one of the city's websites - - in which I'm the admin.  The decision to buy a website came from when my friend and I couldn't find a free, fast host for a Socom Video we made, so we went and bought a domain and two years later it's still here.  Many members of the Playstation Underground have File Transfer Accounts on my server and I use a lot of bandwidth on hosting Socom Videos for this community in which I'm very proud of.  I like to put a lot of time and effort into the Socom Forums here because I feel they have given so much to me, a way to spend time, so many more new interesting people, and without them I probably wouldn't be here posting this today.
As for my hobbies, I love sports and love to play them.  Most kids are only a one or two sport a year kid, but nope, I play a grand total of three sports for each school season.  Fall is for football, winter is for hockey, and spring is for baseball.  Smiley Happy  I play Varsity for all of these and I'm pretty proud of my athletic accomplishments.  My other hobbies include just hanging out, cruising around town, long walks on the beach ( Smiley Tongue ), and a lot more.  For a town of 3,000 inhabitants it sure has a lot of spice, you'd be suprised.  I currently have two jobs.  I'm a lifeguard at the local pool that is a block from my house.  This is only in the summers though obviously because it's Minnesota, and yeah, need I say more?  And my other job is at the local Dairy Queen where I 'pwn' blizzards and burgers all day long.
Now for my gaming life!  I'm a huge gamer and technology buff.  When you walk into my room, you'll instantly notice my computer desk where I have my laptop's and other peripherals like external hard disk drives, cd burners, sub woofers, mice, keyboards, etc.  You name the electronic device, I'll probably have it.  Smiley Tongue  Suprisingly even with a girlfriend I still manage to buy a lot of sweet stuff with the money that I earn from my two jobs.  My Playstation 2 and my TV are probably the center piece of my room, where all the ownage goes down.  I also have a lot of Playstation stuff, I'm a member of G.A.P. and I beta test as well.  I love these forums, it's a place for me to express myself about gaming while still having the same amount of fun as actually playing a game.  I love the shooter genre, and I recently fell in love with Counter Strike Source and Day of Defeat Source.  This is where you'll find me gaming the most right now, and I'm constantly getting better at it.
In my 'spare' time, when I'm not gaming, working, school, other random stuff, you'll probably find me idling on IRC.  When I'm idle or away from here I'm most likely at my girlfriend Amy's house.  We have been together for over a year now, and it's been great.  I can't ever see myself leaving her and finding someone else I don't think it's possible to break up a relationship so loving where we both understand each other so well it's almost like ESP.  Her name has been in my avatar here ever since March 2nd of 2005, and I don't think I'll ever take it down.  Smiley Happy  Just like Game-Sage and his significant other, we are inseparable and we love every second of it.
se_brandon - The One and Only.  Smiley Tongue
If anything new happens to come up in my life, I'll be sure to edit my post to the right information. 
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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Mar 7, 2006

age - 42

by day - warehouse manager for a successful web business
by nite - singer/guitarist in a couple rock bands

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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Mar 7, 2006
My name is Jon, and if you want a hint on my handle- my last name has something to do with it . Who is JonnyFerr ? Where does he come from? Who does he work for! Well, I'm fifteen, I live in Massachusetts, so I have that accent (car= caa, water=wata, fart = fat, fire= fiia, etc.). I live in a family of six counting me- three brothers. We drive my mom CRAZY! Oh wait seven, we have a cat, her name is Frisky. It sucks, living with a family this big and all, but I guess its ok? I dont know lol. I'm working on becoming a carpenter. I like meeting new people, experiencing new things, girls of course, being right, packages in the mail, comfy chairs, smoooothh socks (not crunchy), food, nice carpets, long conversations, coffee (black!), movies, catnaps, fantastic adventures, telling stories, history, scifi (star wars!), things that make you think. I dont like crunchy socks, vaccum cleaners, warm toilet seats, hairy soap bars, people who think they are cool, the whole "gangster scene", handtools. I listen to mostly rock music (punk, emo, oldies, heavy metal, etc.). Rap doesnt really appeal to me. Favorite movie has to be The Shawshank Redemption. Favorite book is 1984. I like snowboarding and baseball. I'm not rich, I'm not poor, but that doesnt matter to me. I'm pretty blessed to have the great friends I do. Theyre awesome! I am in love with my best friend, she means the world to me, I would do anything for her, but sadly, all we ever will be is best friends I think... which kinda sucks...well... it sucks a LOT
I've been gaming since my brother bought a Nintendo 64 back when it first came out. I loved it. I've played some MMORPG's (FFXI-Titan Server, name Ferr- quit a year ago) (Runescape-Jonny14). So you may have seen me around on either of the two.
My Gaming Setup:
Playstation 2
Network Adapter
Monster Cable S-Video (if you dont have component, and have S-Video, pick this up, trust me, it makes a difference, especially if you are playing a game with a lot of text)
Some Top Secret Covert HDD Software
3 Controllers
16 MB Memory Card
8 MB Memory Card
19 Inch Philips Magnavoc Theatre Sound TV
Five Speaker+ Subwoofer Criterion DVD Player Home Theatre Thing (it was cheap- 150 bucks, but gets the job done pretty well for its price)
Mini fridge (for those long nights with my head bent back)
And of course, my bed right in front of the TV lol
Recently I haven't really been playing too many video games, sort of been tinkering with the computer, these are some of my specs:
XP Pro Service Pack 2
Pentium 4 3.0 GHz 800 FSB
512 MB RAM
250 GB Western Digital Harddrive
40 GB Western Digital Harddrive
40 GB Sony Playstation 2 Harddrive (on the computer)
DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive
3.5 Floppy
17 Inch Dell Flat Panel
Software is things like AutoCad, Cheif Architect 10- things like that
I also got myself an Ipod Video 30 GB recently fo free! Its pretty sweet, with Itrip and all. Good thing I got this, because my PSP (also got for free), recently fell off of the top of my desk!
My new setup (this deck, plus Mission Bindings and Freestyle Boots)

Me... hope I dont fall!

Little Closer of a pic

"When we to be to be begunne, we did beginne to be undone"
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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Mar 8, 2006
SevenFactors is a child of the 80's. He was: raised by Atari, Jaguar and Nintendo;  he is a brother of Link, Mario, Luigi, King Kong and Pac-man;  general in the Jackal's army; a fellow brother in arms of the Contra unit and a former warrior in the Battler of Olympus saga.

Name:  J
Hometown:  MIA, FL
Interests:  Nature, dancing, music, cars, reading, movies, electronics, drawing, sports, video games, etc..
Favorite Music Genres:  Anything that I can play a beat to.
Favorite Game Genre
s:  Horror, Action/Adventure, puzzle, RPG, sport.
Favorite Games: Silent Hill Series, Fatal Frame series,  MG & MGS series, GTA series, GOW, SoTC, GT series, Final Fantasy 7 / X.
Favorite Game Of All time:
Battle Of Olympus

7FXb|Thunderstorm Summer[Twitter] @SevenFactors Welcoming Committee 2.0 MVP
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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Mar 8, 2006

Name : Mark

Age : 31

Location : North Carolina but originally from Ohio

Family : I've been married for over 7 years and have 2 children 

Occupation : Diesel Mechanic

Hobbies and Interests : Collecting horror movie figures,playing PS2 games,camping,fishing,hiking and bike riding.

Favorite Music : Classic and New rock

Favorite Game Genre's : Survival Horror,First Person Shooters,Action and Adventure

Favorite Movies : Anything horror and some comedies

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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Mar 8, 2006

Ahem. Me thinks tis better for MVP's to re-introduce themselves. It would help make this a longer thread.

Also, I think that adding ideas would bring more meaning to this topic.

EX) Hawk bio: Blah blah whatever (when I get feedback on re-doing MVP bios, that's when I'll add mine)

My idea: To create gaming topics here on the general board that mean more about life, then just about games. See my "Same/different" thread for a better example of this. My point is to start thinking deeper than we are used to. Write to what we know and discuss things that we aren't used to discussing, in order to bring better meaning to our responses. Understand? Hope so.

That's my 2-cents, what do ya think?

Hawk's thought of the week:

-"We are more than what we are. So, we are capable of so much more than what we've done. We think, therefore we are better than the simple games that we play." So sayth the Hawkfan 

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Multisystem owner. PlayStation owner since 2000. Inaugural PS Plus member:Legendary status. Former PS forum MVP with a launch PS3 & PS4.

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