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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Aug 8, 2008

Structured writings bore me, I'm doing this paragraph style!


Well hello, my name is Zach, but most online-peeps call me plutoknight or pluto for short.  I enjoy all types of video games -- shooters, RPGs, platformers, "artsy-fartsy" games, action games -- the list goes on and on.  I'm an avid Guitar Hero and Rock Band nerd, but I expect all that to change hopefully when the new SOCOM comes out; I've been waiting for a sort of "revivial" to one of my favorite online shooters of all time and this seems like a great time to jump back in. That's an important fact -- I used to be a BIG, BIG SOCOM nerd.  Anyway...enough about that. I was born August 8th, I'm returning to the glorious PSU forums after a good couple of years hiatus (you could say that..).  My first forums were the Official SEGA forums, mainly for Phantasy Star Online and Jet Grind Radio/Jet Set Radio Future talk.  


I'm excited to be posting here again, and I hope to join in many meaningful (and meaningless) discussions once again, just like the good old days. 

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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Aug 12, 2008

Its been a while since ive posted here.....


Name: Josh

Hometown: Decatur, Illinois

Favorite Sports:Basketball/Football

Favorite Sport Teams:Cavs,Cards,Jets (stupid Packers).

Interets: Well games obviously, I like all music (except country), I am a musician, I like anime (obviously), Im a Christian, I like learning about other peoples cultures, I want to be a traveler, I love movies, I am getting into airsoft.

Favorite Games: Metal Gear series, Ace Combat series, Gran Tourismo series, Jak & Daxter series, Half-Life 2/Ep1-2, Twisted Metal series, Assassin's Creed, Super Stardust HD, Final Fantasy VII, I have a rather large list.

Favorite color:Red

 Favorite movies: (oh boy this could take forever) Blade Runner, Star Wars 1-6, Pirates of the Carribean 1-3, Troy, Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, Matrix Trilogy, Band of Brothers, The Dark Knight. (thats just a few )


Thats pretty much it.

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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Aug 15, 2008

Whoa, haven't posted in a while, so I'll post here:



Hometown: Illinois

Interests: Cycling, running, traveling, reading, movies, being a neo-hippie, soccer, cooking, performing arts (mostly plays and occasional musicals)

Former interests that I'd like to get back into: Video games LOL. And I would like to get into anime more.

 Music: Trance, folk, world, jazz, blues TV: Lost, Heroes, No Reservations, Good Eats, Iron Chef, Ghost in the Shell

Miscellaneous: I had my appendix removed, and I accidentally ran over a groundhog while on a bicycle (I felt bad afterwards, but he ran into me!)

Favorite Video Games: Paper Mario, Final Fantasy series, Donkey Kong Kountry 2: Diddy's Quest, Ratchet and Clank series



Well that's probably good for now:smileyhappy:.

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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Aug 24, 2008
Name: Christian
Hometown:  Oxnard city of chiques, California
Interests:  Money, cars, girls, and producing music.I love my two losers.(girls)
Favorite Music Genres:  I like rap but none of that new crap, and a little bit of rock.
Favorite Game Genre
:  FPS
Favorite RPG:  n/a
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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Aug 26, 2008

Ok here goes my username is Gamer*97 i'm 15 i live in columbus, ohio

my favorite game genres are: shooters,stealth games,fighting and sports i play basketball,football,soccer and run track,

i enjoy mostly rap and hip-hop and rock so thats about it...*phew....*sighs*

~The One The Only Gamer*97™ "The Legend is Reborn"~
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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Aug 29, 2008

Where do i begin....


Let's see born in the philippines, moved to the states with my mother and brother at a young age.  growing up in a very small town in michigan.  Like to play pretty much any sport.  somewhat enjoy school.  and of course i like to play video games.  thats about it i guess...


Check out my YouTube page @
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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Aug 31, 2008

Name: Papawarlock or "heyutroll!"


Hometown: City of Confusion. State of Insanity.


Interests: Cooking. Raising my daughter. Staying married to my wife. Books. (Have over 400 books at home, most of which have been read at least twice with some half a dozen times.) Videogames. (Been playing videogames for about 28 years.)


Favorite Music Genres: Rock, Metal and Alternative. Love Nick Black, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Bobaflex, Linkin' Park and others.


Favorite Game Genre: RPGs baby. I don't care if they are JRPG, WRPG, SRPG, ARPG, PSPRPG or even WTFERPG. As long as it's fun for me, I'll play it.


Favorite RPGs: Breath of Fire III, Final Fantasy IX, Persona 3 FES, Oblivion, Crisis Core.


About me: I started playing video games long before they were cool. I played RPGs back when most people associated RPGs with D&D and accused both of being Satanic. I'm an avid reader which is probably why I enjoy RPGs the most. I have started to play outside the RPG genre. I loved Resistance and the Ratchet & Clank games. My daughter likes video games, but not as much as her daddy. But she loves R&C. I take an interest in my daughter's life and what games she plays. She's only 9 and is going into the 4th grade. Man time flies. 


I've been married for almost 10 years. My 10th anniversary is on my wife's 31st birthday. I have titanium rods in my back and surgical steel in my ankle and leg. I work for the Department of Defense: Navy as a civilian. (Yes, I'm a Federal employee.)



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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Sep 6, 2008

Name: Tim
Hometown:  Akron, Ohio
Interests:  Money, girls, games, food.
Favorite Music Genres:  I like rap and rock

Favorite Game Genre:  FPS
Favorite FPS:  MOHH2

My Sports Teams:Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Browns, Cleveladn Indians, Akron Aeros (Minor League Team)

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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Sep 12, 2008

Name: Collie

Hometown: Milwaukee
Interests: Music Composition, Animes, Survival Horror VG's,
Favorite Music Genres: Electronica, EBM, Indie Rock, Classical, Ambient, Acoustic Classical

Favorite Movie: Kite

Favorite Game Genre: Survival Horror
Favorite Game: Silent Hill

.:. .:.
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Re: Let's Get to know YOU!!!!

Sep 12, 2008

Name: Arya

Interests: Games, Movies, Music, and Batman. Im one of the biggest Batman fans and have been for a long time! 

Favorite Music Genres: Techno/Dance, R&B, 80's Rock, and a little of bit of everything else. 

Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight (surprise surprise!!!)

Favorite Game: God of War

Favorite Game Genre:  Action/Adventure

Favorite Book: The Outsiders

Favorite sports team: New York Giants 

Most wanted place to visit: Europe (all of it!)

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