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Dec 12 2010
By: Argetlam PlayStation MVP 11832 posts

VGA 2010: Post-show thoughts and impressions

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Well, the show is now over and I was just curious to see what everyone thought of what was shown and discussed. Although I didn't actually watch the show on TV, I was still able to find a few live streams as well as catch up on what I had missed via IGN, Gametrailers, etc. And, although I wasn't too impressed, there were a few announcements that got me very excited.


First off, Elder Scrolls V was a surprise, at least for me, anyway. Unless I wasn't paying attention, there wasn't any hint of it being at the show prior to its reveal. Sure, Elder Scrolls IV didn't hold my attention as thoroughly as I would have liked it to but I am willing to give the series another try seeing as Bethesda tends to release solid games. The trailer may have been completely CG but it was still exciting. Plus, I thought it was cool how the name, Skyrim, turned to reveal the date of 11.11.11. Maybe I'm just easily amused but I thought it was cool.


Also, Resistance 3 looks fantastic. It appears that Insomniac improved not only the visuals but also the overall feel and movement of the character. And, while I may not really like live-action stuff when it comes to games, I got extremely excited when I saw the end of the trailer because it looks like there will be an awesome new melee weapon in the form of a ridiculously huge hammer. Even further, we finally got a release date for the game.


Far Away by José González winning the best song in a game made me extremely pleased. I still remember crossing the border into Mexico and being completely awestruck as to how cinematic and beautiful the moment felt. I had never played a game before where a song with lyrics played in the background and Rockstar pulled it off perfectly. The sounds of the world slowly faded out as his song slowly faded in and it made the ride into Mexico truly memorable.


However, on the negative side, along with the cheesy jokes and horrible little skits, the aspect of the show that left me extremely disappointed was Woods winning character of the year. I couldn't disagree with this award more. In my opinion, Marston or Kratos should have won without question. I can hardly remember anything of Woods from Black Ops and I played that game only a few weeks ago versus being able to remember a lot more with the other two characters and playing their games more than a few months ago. 


Uncharted 3, though, was thankfully there to bring me to the bright side of my mood again. The visuals looked stunning, the gameplay looked stunning, and everything about it made me scream like a little girl. We also got a release date for it and I can't wait until I get my hands on the game in November of 2011.


So, what did you all think of the show? I could write on and on about it but I'd like to hear others' opinions.

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Re: VGA 2010: Post-show thoughts and impressions

Dec 12, 2010
I completely forgot about that thing, went to see if they would do an encore or something, and the magical television is telling me they're live right now (8pm-10pm), so I've been watching for the last hour or so, though I've gleaned most of the pertinent information from the internet already (just watched the expanded Uncharted 3 trailer via PSBlog during commercial, and it's currently on the TV as I type...).

On that note, love the expanded trailer! Nice to see Sully, love Drake pulling the machine gun out of the sand, love the full quote. And there's already some fantastic in-game footage! This is how games should be announced. It's weird, comparatively, that they're only officially announcing it now, when it'll be in our hands in less than a year (!!!).

On the reverse, del Toro hyping up his game that isn't due until 2013... It does sound cool, though. I can only hope that the development team behind Insane does right by him, 'cause it could be a remarkable title.

Doesn't seem like they had anything new or ground-breaking in terms of reveals or announcements, though. Those SSX games were always fun, but the one that was announced feels like SSX meets Call of Duty, not silly arcade FUN that anyone can approach.

They're encoring again (haven't seen the Resistance 3 footage yet), and I did just catch the expanded version of the Arkham City trailer... Definitely clears some things up, but my word, that CGI is terrifyingly good. Wow. It's scary.

The show itself, what little I paid attention to, is par for the course (about as bad as usual). Mostly awful jokes, strangely shoe-horned in appearances. ...But seeing Nathan Fillion made me all tingly! He's the same age as Mark Walhberg, there is no reason why he shouldn't be Nathan Drake if that Uncharted movie ever comes to fruition (sort of hoping it doesn't...). Drake's character is basically a clone of Fillion from Firefly and Serenity, and the aforementioned works also employed the same brilliant composer that the Uncharted series does! Plus, Castle is not available to stream on Netflix! Rawr.

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Re: VGA 2010: Post-show thoughts and impressions

Dec 12, 2010

Bioware stole the show for me.  ME3, best RPG and Studio of the Year.  Well deserved.  The Mass Effect trilogy is unlike anything else out on the market.  Probably the best RPG this generation, hands down.


Gotta love Nick S.!!!  NPH did a fine job.  Uncharted 3 looked badass, I liked how they put visuals in for us watching at home.  Nice touch.  Insane looks interesting.  New Oblivion is always good.  Finally some SSX!  been way too long since I last played it on my PS2.


I played the Limbo demo but never bought it.  I'll have to look into the latest NFS and RDR since they both won.  I felt the show was much better than last year. 


and poor Nintendo huh?  They were hardly mentioned at all....

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Re: VGA 2010: Post-show thoughts and impressions

Dec 13, 2010

I didn't watch it, but finally hearing about Uncharted 3 was awesome.

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Re: VGA 2010: Post-show thoughts and impressions

Dec 16, 2010

Red Dead Redemption game of the year and Sgt. Woods character of the year? hmmmm

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