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How to properly use tactics

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There is in fact a perfect tactic, that will make you take an objective every time. but lets disect tactics to taking objectives really quickly, and see what we find.


I. Preperation

-The things you need to know before you begin planning.


1. The Objective.

-The Thing you are going for, in the end, you want this shiny bauble/control console/whatever.

2. The Occupying Force

-The Thing you are trying to eject from the Objective.

So you know what you want, and who is there.

3. Enemy Placement

-Where are they? if you don't know exactly, can you geuss? If you are making a blind geuss on where they are, assume omnipotence, and that whatever you are about to do, they know about it. That way, if thats the case, you are prepared for it.

4. Defenses.

-This has a lot to deal with placement. If they are NOT taking advantage of a specific defense (Turrets, clear ground, etc.)



II. In Preperation for....

1. Probing the defenses. 

-This is not always needed, but if you are totally unaware of where they are and what they are doing, you will use a blind rush to find out. This is the beginning of EVERY ROUND, pay attention and you will see people chosing this option, whether it be subconcious (them assuming enemies are somewhere and avoiding it) or concious (Them knowing they need to know). 



III. Formulating a stratagy.

This is the meat of what we want to think about, but is fairly simple.


You have some factors here to consider when picking a stratagy (based on your preperations).


1. How much coordination do we need (Can your team do it with what you have?)

2. How much time will it take? Seconds count, use them wisely.

3. How much force does it require? If it takes 9 men but you only have 8, then its just as worthless. 


4. What is the success rate? Roughly estimate the likliness of success is. It doesn't need to be a percentage. just, Good, Maybe, and God-freaking-awful are enough. 



The best tactics are simple, require little force, little coordnation, little time, and has a high success rate. Keeping in mind of course, that your enemy will attempt to counter your tactics/stratagies with their own. So lets look at some common OFFENSIVE tactics, as examples.


1. Valor vs. SVER Sabotage (SVER Attacking)

A. Taking A

-Have a force (one is honestly enough) to flank left. Send them (or use yourself for maximum affect) up past the red house, to the gas-tanker trailer (If I recall correctly.) They can then fire on charging Valor forces. Request 1 - 3 guys flank right (going near the church) and head for A, and the rest charge blindly forward.



1. Simple:

You can use yourself for the complicated(ish) positioning. And Flanking right is quite simple as you simply ask them to move 10 feet to the right. the manipulative part is that these people are actually Church fodder, probing the church to see if there is a sniper (or worse, an LMG). 

2. Little time:

It takes only marginely longer than a straight rush, and doesn't slow the people heading down the center.

3. Requires a force of 8, whereas you have 16 (2 squads)

4. A good success rate provided people listen.



1. People not listening.

2. Medkits are a force multiplier, if you don't have them, you will require more force than you have (3 people with revives can keep 3 squads going near full force). 

3. It assumes to enemy is of average intelligence.



A good probing stratagy. if you noticed, you have at least one person go right and left, and have people going down the center. This means you can figure out enemy disposition even if the stratagy fails. So it doubles as a probing stratagy.



2. Raven vs. SVER Aquisition (SVER Attacking)

A. Removing Bunkers

-Removing the Bunkers is one of the HARDEST parts of this map. They have overlapping fields of fire if they work together, good range, open field (Raven weapons benefit from open environments) and everything is to their advantage.


The Plan:

On the Left spawn. have a few guys rush the stairs (this is hard as most people prefer to rush it, but can compensate and jump down at any time). Use RPGs on the turret, throw smoke for cover, throw grenades at infantry. Step 2 is basically to do SOMETHING to piss that turret off. Use the other forces to take the bunker (Requires overwhelming force). you can accomplish this by using yourself to flank while others rush forward. Blow up the bunker, and you can rinse and repeat for the rest of the bunkers. Piss the turret off, and while its occupied, rush the turret from as many directions as possible.



1. High Success Rate

2. Moderate Complication (This is a flaw too).



1. Large force requirement (about 5 people need to be alive by the end for it to keep its high success rate.) keeping 5 people alive, even without the turret on you, in a concentrated rush is somewhat difficult.

2. Moderate Complication. this requires people to Rush when you say "Rush". Which as many of you know, does not work.

3. Assumes the Turret operator to be of average skill. High skilled gunners will see the rush and mow you down, and low skilled turret gunners will not realize they are being destroyed and do the same thing as skilled gunners. 



Assuming you have a force that seems to generally know whats going on, and doesn't die every 3 seconds, you are ok.



Some things to note after all this.


1. Medkits that can revive are near nescesary for Domination and Aquisition maps. 

2. People don't like the idea of getting killed, and will often avoid doing so even if it means losing the gane.

3. People are stupid, so try and use that stupidity to plan your stratagies around. Use the stupids as your cannon fodder (as the main force often is), and use the players that pay attention as the flankers. If it comes down to it. Get a "Manipulation" loadout with chem grenades, and throw them where you want your squad to NOT go. Randoms tend to be mindless, like basic AI, and they will do things like "Avoid bad smelling stuff and bullets". use that to your own advantage.


and to end this, yes I did just discuss using tactics on how to manipulate stupid people into doing what you want. If your an SL very often.. you realize this is a nescesary trait.

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