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MAG, General Stratagy

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 For those of you looking for quick tips, skip to IV.


I. Leading a Squad (Requires a Mic)

1. People like Humor

2. People like hands-on SLs (People that rush with them)

3. People like Hans-on SLs that have Medkits

-The General idea here is to simply be reasonable. Once you start yelling at people to get **bleep** done (which i have done on more than one occasion) they simply stop listening. Even in the best of cases you may only get half your squad to actually listen to you. 

-Explain yourself, "Go to B" is all well and good if you like your guys running into MGs, but usually its better to say something closer to "Go to B through X", give them a general direction. 

-Be Clear, Be Efficient, Be a role Model. This often means having a repair kit, med kit, and AR or MG somewhere. Be on the front and be effective, if you save their ass, they are more likely to listen to what you have to say.


II. General Tactics

1. Flanking

-You can do this on one of two ways. On larger maps, you can use your entire squad to flank, meaning one squad pushes the front while you approach from the rear, or the side. or the Geurilla flank, where you and maybe one or two other people (for smaller maps like Sabo) go around the side, take some cover, and just waste some people. in either case, be clear with the people around you on what your doing, otherwise your just sitting there racking up kills.

2. One Man Army

-Sometimes on large maps, you need to move alone FOR A MOMENT!!! (Short period of time, less than a minute, I cannot stress that part enough). This is usually used to say, take a burn-off tower while your squad pushes bunkers. In this case, you can confuse the enemy and gain an advantage. Again, be clear with your squad on what you are doing so they arn't surprised by anything. Surprise = Dead in a lot of cases.


III. General Psychology

-Remember how you reacted when you get shot but don't die? You typically find cover from the direction you were shot from (provided there is some), or shoot back if there is none. Other players do the same thing. Thinking is important in team games. Often times it requires a bit more extensive knowledge of the map, so you can say "Ok, if I were them I would _____". 

- Players are attracted to..

1. Kills

2. Friendlies that need reviving (Points)

3. Objectives

That means you should plan on them going here.

-Players like to avoid

1. Getting shot

2. Getting Killed

3. Massive turrets that melt faces

This means you should plan on people avoiding these. Using the last two points, think of what the enemy may do.


The idea here is that, 1 in 10 players is a ninja, but assume their entire team are super elite ninjas that can bipass all your stuff, even if they keep ramming their skull into your turret, be mindful of that one guy who's frontal cortex spontaniously evolved and suddenly has the idea to sneak past you, or actually destroy the bunker turret.




A lot of this is basic common sense, but common sense isn't so common.


IV. General Rules (Reiterated somewhat).

1. Listen to your SL.

2. Stick with your squad.

3. Victory over all else (Over points, women, cake, kills, whatever).

4. You don't mean **bleep** individually if you arn't at leats ATTEMPTING to work with your team. 

5. Think of what you would do in the situation the enemy is in.

6. Repeat 5.

7. Repeat 6 (this part is important).

8. Do the unexpected. Causing confusion can stall the enemy long enough to figure out something else to do. Sometimes something like repairing a bunker (and using its turret as a make-shift AA battery) can cause just enough havoc to stall a team for a minute or more. Giving time to get MORE bunkers up, AAA up, Sensors up, Mortars up. 

9. Communicate your plan.

10. If you arn't sure what to do, listen to your SL. Most people don't have the capability to be effective by themselves. Often times on larger Domination maps, the only effective ninjas are ninja engineers that are repairing installations under the enemies nose. 



If you are reading these, chances are... you don't need to. But hopefully putting this in a word form lets people communicate their ideas more effectively in-game, to perpatuate these stratagies (for all sides).



Last thing: Chaos is your best friend. If the enemy is spinning in circles, they arn't taking an objective. 

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Re: MAG, General Stratagy

Feb 9, 2010
I like this a lot, it's a very simple and useful guide to what factors should be considered in any game mode. Well done! I've been guilty of some stand alone combat and yelling on the mic myself. Everyone really needs to have a mic for truly efficient team gameplay. 
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Re: MAG, General Stratagy

Feb 9, 2010

SeismicTurtle wrote:
I like this a lot, it's a very simple and useful guide to what factors should be considered in any game mode. Well done! I've been guilty of some stand alone combat and yelling on the mic myself. Everyone really needs to have a mic for truly efficient team gameplay. 
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Thats not entirely true. You just need people who don't have mics, to listen to the people who DO have mics. A lot of this makesa couple bad assumptions though.


1. your SL is expierienced and not just some tard.

2. Your SLs plan will work in the current situation.


This goes back to thinking what you would do, and countering that. When you attack, imagine (for example) how you would defend against, what windows would you be in? how would YOU decieve the enemy? 


A lot of it comes to this in larger domination maps.


1. Think of what they will do.

2. Think of how you would counter that.

3. Think of how you would percieve and counter your counter.

4. Repeat 3 until you win.



Assume omnipotence. Assume they know all standard pathing, and how to counter that. A lot of the time you can get a lot done by having one squad member (or 2 with medkits) harassing the enemies spawn, giving you valuable seconds to win with.



With that being said, I would say I can probably do best as a SL, as I give decent individual attention, and can formulate plans pretty easily. 




My Biggest issue is my own belief in my infalibility. Almost all Squad Leaders have this flaw. You believe just because it didn't work the first time, maybe you just need more force. Sometimes this is true, other times it isn't. I usually make excuses such as "Well if I could get my squad to listen." but then you must confront that they might not. If your squad won't listne to you, you need to be as effective as possible with what you have (Who will listen, if anyone).

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