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MAG- The Field Manual

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This is a double post because i think it was in the wrong section. 


This guide is yet another of the many guides created to aid the new players often running around confused during battles. Althought there is already a large number of well written effective guides there is a lot of points overlooked or that I personally disagree with.


Index- Use CTRL+F to search


What is MAG?

The PMCs

Basic Training

Character Roles

Recommended Roles

Game Modes





General Tips and Grievences


What Is MAG?


MAG is a brand new online only First Person Shooter only avalible on the PS3, developed by Zipper Interacitive - known for the SOCOM franchise. MAG has no singleplayer for local network options all gameplay is online over the Playstation Network.The game features 256 players in a single game all interacting in real time and combines element of roleplaying and strategy. The purpose is to fight against other private military companies for government contracts in a near future envirmoment. MAG- Massive Action Game.


Is it for me?

 Possibly not, MAG put a great focus on teamwork rather than individual skill. Just because you enjoy the first person shooter online does not mean MAG will be your cup of tea. To full apriciate MAG you must be willing to work as a team within your squad and platoon, do not go for glory everytime but try to capture the objective by mass. You may find yourself enjoy the game more in roles you would normally avoid such as a medic for heavy gunner.


Is it for everyone?

 Certainly not! MAG is not like anyother console shooter. I compare it PC games such as Battlefield 2: MC. And players coming from Modern Warfare 2 will most likely find this game hellish, far to complex and demanding. It is a welcome change of pace for myself and I do recommend checking it out if you find killstreaks and children annoying. If you are a RPG gamer you may enjoy the FPS-RPG-MMO experience only found in MAG. It combines features found in games like Borderlands and World of Warcraft with a Battlefield style game play.


What does MAG have to offer?

 MAG offers 256 player games online with no connection problems. A high level of commited support by the developers. A brand new community begining to emerge. A skill tree and character development found in Role Playing Games. A modern combat setting in first person. Highly addictive game play. Strategy, leadership, tactics and teamwork.


None of which can be found anywhere else on the Playstation 3 at the moment.


This certainly isn't Call of Duty or Battlefield Bad Company 2, Killzone or Socom.




"A private military company (PMC) provides specialized expertise or services of a military nature, sometimes called or classified as mercenary ("soldiers for hire"). Such companies are equally known as private military contractors, Private Security ContractorsPSCs), Private Military Corporations, Private Military Firms, Military Service Providers, and generally as the Private Military Industry. (

The services and expertise cover those typically found in governmental military or police forces, but most often on a smaller scale. While PMCs often provide services to train or supplement official armed forces in service of governments, they are also employed by private firms. However, contractors who use offensive force in a war zone could be considered unlawful combatants, thereby referring to the "concept" being implicitly mentioned in the Geneva Conventions and explicitly specified by the US Military Commissions Act." From Wikipedia:



What is the Shadow War?


In MAG there are 3 PMCs- RAVEN, S.V.E.R. and VALOR. Each are in a constant battle for contracts given by government forces much like NATO or EU. These PMCs have replaced the government armies and are not involvd in an illegal war against one another trying to remove the competition. This is known as the "Shadow War".


In game you are forced to choose a PMC one that you will hopefully stay with throughout your time in MAG by winning matches and completing objective you increase your companies dominance in one of three areas - Intel, Weaponry, Oil. The most sucessful PMC recieve a contract awarding an in game bonus such as +5% experiance gain. These stats are all real-time in game effected only by players performance overall and is pretty much split equally 3 ways- with contracts likely to change hands almost daily.


The Different PMC



 Based in Western Europe - Austria. This group is owned by a billionaire businessman the soliders have all the best hi-tech equipment and arms avalible. Their appeal is slight sci-fi or near future. Using hardware still in protype stages and developement. To counter the advantage in weaponry they seem to have little motivation and loyalty. In game they have the most accurate weapons and highest rate of fire but a disadvange in power. This is well balanced between all PMC and realy jsut depends on a players style.



 Filled with history and comprising of ex-marines and miliary professionals. A once failing PMC was turned around by another billionaire bussinesman. Based in Alaska comprising of Canadian, Mexican, American and British Special Forces Valor are the closest thing to a government army in MAG. Average Accuracy, power and rate of fire. They use military hardware found in common use at the frontlnes today.



Servi Volk Executive Responce. is a rag-tag eastern European is a group of gang-like street hardern combatents that grew up in the battlefields of today. Fighting for a cause and lead by an ex-counter terrorism specilist that was left to die while serving the India Air Force. They use Kalashinikovs and have the most powerful hardware with a low accuracy and rate of fire. Some way they are overpowered but I strongly disagree - I play Valor. After reading this guide hopefull you will not need an excuse as to why you are losing.


Which PMC should I choose?

 This is a very important choice that you must make at a time when you are not well informed and one that should not be overlooked. Each company has a different range of advantages and disadvantages. So far it seems a little unwise to choose a PMC based on anything other than cosmetics and the story behind said faction. However remember each group is well balanced but depending on your play style you may prefer one PMC other another.


If you are good at aiming with assist and aim for the head, can use softcover effecively - such as foliage and visual blurs rather than hardcover like steal - Raven maybe for you. Their defensive maps in south American have a lot of bushes and tree that obsure line of sight and if used effectively is very useful at surprising the enemy attackers. This can be used to ambush and create tactics that no other map others.


If however you like to get up close and personal and but the enemy down without worrying if you finished him or not - S.V.E.R is your kind of group. But be warned you need to use unconventonal cover locations while defending if you hope to remain undetected for long. The placement of seemingly random concrete blocks is key to staying alive in some situations.


If you like the usual military barracks and defensive towers then Valor is for you and I feel one of the best places to start if coming from other military shooters. They are the middleground easy to relate too.



This is where the guide will really begin.


Once you choose your PMC headstraight into Training this will give you an idea of the controls and the feeling of the defensive maps. It also give you a quick experience bonus and thus a skill point. The training level is far from all you need to know so please read the additional written information by pressing R1 in the menu screen. Here is a good guide to basic tools, leadership and gameplay mechanics


After this I suggest trying some Supression games to get a feel for MAG against other players and working in a team. Be WARNED gamemode does not represent the rest of MAG very well, but a good common ground to start from pretty much a TDM.




Each player in the massive online battles has very different and specific roles. From Snipers to Engineers. Medics to Commandos. You cannot be a jack of all trades in MAG. It just doesn't work. Before you steamroll into combat think about how you played in Suppression and was it effective. Just because you got a lot of kills or a high KD/R doesnt mean you will be effective in Domination. I will give some recommended setups a little later but remember to build your character so you become more effective in your role at helping the whole team. Dont' be selfish or try to average your points across the board. If you spread your skils out too much you will remain average at everything. The key to MAG is to become the expert in one specific element of battle.


The Skill tree

 If you haven't played a RPG- Role Playing Game not Rocket Propelled Grenade.You might not be familiar with a skill tree. Everytime you gain enough experiance in battle to level up you will gain 1 skillpoint. Thes can then be used in the barracks to improve your character with new equipment or abilities. These should be used very specifically to improve your character in a certain area. 


You also have the choice to "respec' so don't worry too much if you spent all your points on becoming a sniper and find that you arent very effective. A respec allows you to replace the skill points you have earned and use them in different areas of the skill tree. The Re-Spec cost increases as you use it stopping you from continously changing and causing players to develope their own playstyle removing the jack of all element found in most online shooters.


Recommended Roles


There is an example list of roles best suited to new players and team effectiveness.




The number 1 class to use. You will be able to save teammates allowing them to capture objective more effectively and hold of enemy hordes longer. Allows new players to experience the heat of battle without being useless. When used by a whole squad new players will also surive longer and learn quicker.Also offers the greatest amount of experience points.


First Assault Rifle/LMG> Medical Kit with resusitation> Smoke grenades>Medium armour.


A little well known secret when becoming a medic. Purchase the medical kit then improved Healing you can then by improved resusitation allowing you to skip the Tier2 Resusitation. This will save you 2skill points and make you an even more effective medic.


Rapid Assault


The most common foot soldier. Armed with an assault rifle and grenades, medium armour. As long as you stick by your squad and follow commands from leaders. The Rapid Assault roles is one of the diverse roles. This is a great way to learn the ropes.


Direct Action


Heavy machine gunners. This roles is different from Rapid Assault in many ways. Your roles is to gain the enemies attention from a safe distance. The sheer amount of lead rain you can cause will heal medics or others do their job while you preoccupy the enemy resistance. Stick with the squad and as long as you don't just run in you should do alright. This support role is often overlooked in other military shooters and tarred with the same stick as Riflemen. RPG and Rockets are a great addition to your class allowing you to make out enemy vehicles or turrets. Best suited with Heavy Armour. 



Field Support - Experienced


This role is often overlooked as most of the equipment relates to medic and engineers not actualy named roles in game. However an effective Field Support Specilist will spend most of their time Reviving and Reparing things. They may need to move an APC. A Field Support Specialist is very versitile. If used while defending to keep your assest alive or attacking with some commandos behind enemy lines secretly sabotaging hostile antiair.


Engineer - Experienced


The engieer must know the maps well and be able to fix the things needing to be fixed. It is a very dangerous job that isnt well rewarded but is a must in Domination or Aquisition while defending. Engineers should avoid combat and be stealthy while repairing everything they can. Sometimes its a suicide job these guys need to be willing to take one for the team.



Commando - Advanced


These guys are the sabotures. Used behind enemy lines to secretly capture objectives, flank enemy forces and destroy utilities such as bunkers. This is a hard role to play is stealth is important. When used effectively to capture the enemy off guard commandos create game changing events and opportunties for the rest of attacking platoon to advance. Requires coordinationg with the leaders and good map knowledge. Timing is essential and this is a role far from RAMBO or the super soliders of Call of Duty.


Sniper - Advanced


One of the most difficult roles to get right and yet it is one of the most popular. Yes, the sniping in MAG is very acade like. There is no wind direction or variables. This is due to the massive amount of Action. This doesnt mean a sniper - like in many other games - can run and gun while remaining at a distance to increase a players kill to death ratio. Snipers need to communicate the their team. Giving away enemy positions and covering multiple objects from a far. I prefer to call this role "Scout" as that is what the best implementation on a sniper is. Scout out the enemy and tell the leaders you are usually ina  better position to see the battlefield while sniping and you imput can be essential. I don't recomment this role to the impatient or new comers.



Game Modes


I am sorry but after two hours writing this guide so far I feel I need a little break to play some MAG. I will complete this manual shortly. Still to do: Game mode Break down and Leadship explantations.


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Re: MAG- The Field Manual

Feb 5, 2010

I like this guide so far!


Suggestion, if you're interested:

Perhaps in MAG04 paragraph 1 you could explain what KD/R means, since this is a beginner's tutorial?


Keep up the good work!!

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Re: MAG- The Field Manual

Feb 5, 2010

King_Newbs wrote:

I like this guide so far!


Suggestion, if you're interested:

Perhaps in MAG04 paragraph 1 you could explain what KD/R means, since this is a beginner's tutorial?


Keep up the good work!!

noobs can't become obssesed with kdr if they don't know what it is. keep 04 as is.

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Re: MAG- The Field Manual

Feb 5, 2010

Disagree with Engineer-Experienced, for two reasons. The first is that nubs can get xp easy with a repair tool, and the secoond reason is because anyone who is an engineer will quickly learn how a battle progresses instead of being confuzzled till they're level 55.

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Re: MAG- The Field Manual

Feb 6, 2010
AMAZING! I really liked this guide. It helped me a lot with sniping and my basic medic class. I think new players will benifit from this as much as I did.
I love Ostriches.
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