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Jun 05 2011
By: dabanhfreak Sackboy 544 posts

Strategic guide to escalation (for individual soldiers and small groups)

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Hi all.


This is the second guide I am writing.  In contrast to the first one, this is when you are just a random player with no leadership, and there is little or no coordination in the platoon.


So, previously, I did a quick analysis of how the map is designed.  I will further that analysis by breaking down the general conflicts in Escalation:


-Type A:  Short-range, intense skirmishes at the letters (ABCD), or one chaotic firefight (D only).

-Type B:  Medium-long DMR sniper/4x scope kills.


Type A example loadouts (Sensor Jammer is more or less a must):

Heavy+ armour with shotgun

Medium+ LMG/AR

Poison gas and claymores can be useful if used correctly. 


Type B example loadouts (Medium + or greater armour recommended, with additional Acoustic Locater)

DMR Tier 1 sniper rifle

AR with 4x scope

With these loadouts, if you stand back and head towards the resupply, you will get good line of sight of the enemy.  An important concept is to keep a large obstacle in front of you at all times.  The minute you get hit, hit the dirt or run into cover, then heal.  Since you rely on line-of-sight, you in turn make yourself vulnerable.





Players with greater skill will be able to adjust and find their own loadout varieties.




So where do you go when you spawn?  The key concept is this:


Anticipate what colours the letters will be in 30 seconds time.  Act accordingly.  Do not chase FRAGO's


In other words, if D is being captured and is flashing, go to your original letters.

If a PMC has captured two original letters and D is about to be opened, go to D.


Remember the key is that it takes about 30 seconds to reach a letter from your spawn, so plan accordingly.


The key to the gamemode is WAVES.  Each wave spawns every 20 seconds.  It is important that each wave goes to where they are most effective.  Occassionally you will have to go to the other side of the map.




For players who are trying to get Indiscriminant Fire ribbons:

The easiest way I have found is to go with a selfish loadout:

Assault rifle

First aid kit



And go to the green region:



In case you can't figure it out, the yellow lines indicate the most common pathways the enemy will travel.  The first thing to do is run past the resupply and towards the red line. Pick off straggers, snipers, and sightseeing players.  It helps if you average at least 1.5 kills per minute per game.  You will be alone most of the time, so be prepared for some running after every death.


I'm a bit on the fence as to whether this tactic helps your team or not, but am thinking that thinning the field and isolating the stronger players can inhibit them quite a bit.  Once you can manage 2-3 kills per minute you are doing a good job of hassling the enemy.

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Re: Strategic guide to escalation (for individual soldiers and small groups)

Jun 6, 2011


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