Mar 21 2011
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advanced squad tactics (1 step above the basics)

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hypothetically, if we could design the loadouts and skills of all members of a squad, what tactics could we then employ, utilizing people who have mediocre KDR's but work wonders as a team? Here are some simple ones I've thought of over a few drinks. All of these require decent teamwork.


Flashbang before attack

- one person throws in 2 flashbangs. They go off and THEN the entire team runs in to kill an enclosed space (like SVER's


Smoke grenades

- a single well placed smoke grenade blocks sniper view. Two is even better. Throw in the line of sight of common snipers before rushing in. This is also moderately useful to block turret fire.


Gas grenades as cover

- If you have several players with gas resistance, there is enough time to run into an objective, plant, and leave with very little risk. The time it takes for a person to set up an objective is negligable to the time it takes for the other team to get out of the gas, heal, and then find you.


Sensor's away

- Motion sensors and sensor jammers are a common duo and punch/counterpunch. However, don't neglect the power of the other two sensors - acoustic locators and explosive detectors. A single person with an explosive detector is plenty to counter the power of claymores and anti-tank mines. These are a leading cause of death for vehicles and runners.


Counter-sniping as a useful thing to do

- On some maps there are great places for snipers to hide and pick off people near an objective. Generally speaking, there is an even better place to view those snipers.


Sniping, the deathtrap of falling from the sky

- Sabotage has decent areas near the A and B that can snipe at C. If you look around, there are also other places that counter-snipe A and B. Sniper rifles, with their really long range scopes, can surround these areas and make them wonderful death traps. Generally speaking, A and B also are great vantage points to shoot at people parachuting in.


Stealth squad

- A single commando sneaking past a bunker can do a good amount of damage. A squad that makes it past a bunker can do a lot MORE damage. This is particularly true of they res each other and have mines. Sneak up to the AAA, plant a few claymores, surround the area with medium-long range assault rifles and snipers, and then plant on the AAA. As a few people (possibly a squad or so) come to kill the sneaker, they will be slaughtered by another squad with their sights aimed. Each player should have a buddy for ressurecting purposes, as a decent player will undoubtably kill one or two.

- To pull this off, have one person with a sensor jammer, one with claymores, and preferably someone in the squad also having the other electronics. A few well placed enemy mines could severly hurt this. Sticking together as a close-nit team is essential though.


Vehicle squad

- Vehicles die left and right in matches - to enemy mines, bunkers, rocket launchers, and less than skilled or organized players. 2-4 players with rocket launchers should take out the 2 most annoying bunker turrets (the ones that have a clear shot to a gate) before using the vehicle. 1 player has full vehicle upgrades, particularly speed and mine resistance. The driver drives up to the gate and deploys thick smoke. A second player with the turret upgrades takes the vehicle turret and defends it while the 2-4 players with rocket launches plant on the gate. They get back in the vehicle for protection (and infinite gunpower).

- A vehicle that gets past the bunkers on any map can do enormous damage, and will do so until it is destroyed by people distracted away from the front lines. Be sure to have 2 people with repair kits to watch the vehicle, as this is now the essential spawn point behidn enemy lines.

- For the trip out (on acquisition), do the same thing in reverse. Take out bunker turrets, THEN smoke + plant. protect, and drive out.



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