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Oct 24 2012
By: HamDemon83 First Son 2 posts

ME2 Save File Problems

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Most of the way through the game, which froze during a cut scene.  I left the system running for a few minutes, and turned it off manually. turned it back on only to get a system update message; I update the system, wait for the install, and go back to play ME2...and my save files aren't registering at all. The only options it gives me are "New Game," and "Extras."


The funny thing is, if I check in the save game utility, the file is still there.


Anyone else encounter this problem?  Anything I can do, or am I SOL?  Loved the game and all, just daunted at the prospect of starting again when I've already dumped 50+ hours into it.


I'm gonna try uninstalling the game data and reinstalling.  If anything changes, I'll follow up.

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First Son
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Re: ME2 Save File Problems

Oct 24, 2012

Yeah so that didn't do anything.  



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