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Re: New Game + questions

Mar 22, 2011

Cool!  Conratulations  Its great feeling to have everyone survive.  Maybe I will skip the idea of only collecting a couple of loyal squad mates and get them all loyal for the nsanity run.

I had to check the wiki, I didn't know what the M-9 was and after your description, was bummed that I missed it.  Then I read its not availble to the soldier class which  was.  To be honest I can't remember if I had it and the other squadies used it or not.

My favorite was the m-76 Revnant.  Packed a decent punch and held lots of ammo!  BTW, I'm with you, loved that M-98 widow maker! Semi-auto what a relief.

Can't remeber the names of the armor but the one that stands out to me most was the helmet that gave a big boost on negotiations skills.  Really helped on getting the paragon responses I needed.  Think it was called the death mask.

As far as classes, man I'm not versed enough to give advice But I'll try LOL.  I played the soldier but think the Vanguard sounds like it would be right up your alley.and I quote from the wiki,

"Vanguards are feared for their high-risk high-reward combat style, closing quickly on enemies and destroying them at close range with weapons and biotic abilities.  They are outfitted with L5n implants, enabling them to  perform a biotic charge that strikes the opponent with incredible force  while bringing the Vanguard in close for close-range combat."

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Re: New Game + questions

Mar 23, 2011

Vanguard does sound like alot of fun. One of my friends claims he's the best (Infiltrator's my vote for #1 though)

Trying out the Sentinal right now. Not sure on how I feel about this guy at the moment.

Also started on a Renegade Soldier... not liking the soldier at all... or rather, the renegade aspect. Being an Ahole the whole time is not fun at all...

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