Sep 26 2012
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Tips for Mass Effect for the Mass Effect 2 player and comic user.

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Since Mass Effect is finally making a triumphant entry to the PlayStation crowd I thought posting a list of differences and/or tips would be good. Anyone who has played Mass Effect before feel free to add info.


1. If the main story was separate in to fourths then the comic left off 1/4 not including the various side missions. So there is a reason for you to play this game aside from it being awesome.


2. Garrus is still a BAMF.


3. It is possible to miss recruiting a team member.


4. There aren't thermal clips yet, so guns don't reload they cool down.


5. There are grenades but they do not work the same as they do in ME3.


6. Sniping is way more difficult unless it is a trained skill.


7. Almost everything is a trained skill. To clarify the solder's skill tree includes shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, assault rifles which need to be leveled up to increase proficiency.


8. Unity and Medi-Gel are separate things. Nuff said.


9. The combat is....lacking compared to ME2 and ME3. Play it and you'll see what I mean.


10. This game is actually an RPG.


11. There are no Paragon or Renegade interrupts.


12. The Mako is garbage.


13. This will be a more time consuming platinum (if you're into that) than ME2 or ME3 assuming they use the same list form the original 360 release.


14. Do everything. When you import a great save into ME2 there will be lots of little oh cool! moments.


15. EVERYTHING is customizable. Armor, guns, hell even grenades.


16. There are like 12 versions of every gun and armor too if I'm not mistaken in the game.


17. If you want the iconic Shepard look, his armor is called Onyx in this game.


18. There are no loading screens just long elevator rides with cheesy music, newscasts and awkward conversations.


19. The music is better. Less orchestral, more 80's sci-fi


20. It's only a one disc game, not that it matters for us.


21. The Mako is still garbage.

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Re: Tips for Mass Effect for the Mass Effect 2 player and comic user.

Sep 27, 2012

Thanks for the info, now I understand why people like the second game over the first.

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