Oct 07 2012
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Looking for a fresh start? Join the MSP!

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Hello there! I'm Soap or if you prefer, you can also call me Grizzly, whichever works for you; I'm  here to see if anyone's interested in joining the Mercenaires Sans Pays or the MSP.


Now when I say "fresh start", I mean a fresh start, the MSP is a newly created group on the PS3 with two members looking for more to fill its roster! We're a group in-between a competitive GB team and a casual gaming community; playing games for fun is at the utmost importance, but so is working as a team and playing the objective. Whether you're male or female, young or old (at least 16 or older), from the US, Europe, Asia, Australia or wherever it is you're from, it doesn't matter as long as you follow our traits and guidelines which in my opinion is rather easy. Now's the time to join and help shape the group, and on top of that you'll have people to play with and explore MoH: Warfighter with! 


For now being that the game's release date is a couple weeks away from the date of this post, the MSP's primary game to socialize and play is BF3. Now if you don't own BF3 that's fine, if you're still interested go ahead and register on the site and keep in touch through its forums, although excuse us if they're a bit barren; we hope that given time that'll change! But I guess that's enough out of me, if you're interested check us out at: and please keep in mind that this is a green group that'll most likely go through some changes as we see what works and what doesn't work.


Good Hunting,




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Re: Looking for a fresh start? Join the MSP!

Oct 22, 2012

I got excited there for a second....thinking MSP stood for Minneapolis St. Paul aka MSP:smileyhappy: Best of luck with your recruiting my friend!

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