Oct 30 2012
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Recruiting #ISAF Tier 1 Clan - Medal of honor - Warfighter

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We are ISAF Tier 1. 
ISAF stands for International Security Assistance Force,Often called the Coalition Forces. 
We are looking for excited motivated players. We are International rated on the ±294th top list. 

Admission Requirements 
- Playstation 3 
- English (UK) 
- Level 30+ 

Click on this link if you are interested in ISAF Tier 1. [] 

Contact us? 
PSN, AznYong Alfaneo

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Re: Recruiting #ISAF Tier 1 Clan - Medal of honor - Warfighter

Jan 10, 2013

do i have to speak uk or can i just speak english cause i can underastand uk i heard it before and does age matter and also what does +30 mean is that ur level for medal of honor warfighter cause my ps3 busted it doesn't read my disc and i sened it in to fixed and i never played medal of honor warfighter and i was wondering if u guys can still accept me i am pretty good at shooters and i am a fast learner so ya i want to be in ur clan, i hope u let me in

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