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Big Boss Emblem run.

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I'd figure that this topic could help those of us who are by no means experts at MGS. Now with MGS4 having trophy support this could help those of use wanting to plat the game; like me. I hope that this wil be a place where first timers at a Big Boss Emblem run can post our questions and get help from those who have done hundreds of times before the patch.

So I'm doing my first The Boss Extreme Big Boss Emblem run and I finished Act 1 in 00:52:33. Is that decent in that I could still get my BBE? I'm by no means an expert at MGS and this is my first time ever doing a BBE run; though it's not my first time ever playing the game. I'm just kind of worried that I won't get the BBE because I REALLY don't want to have to go through this again.

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Re: Big Boss Emblem run.

Sep 19, 2012

It's not great for Act 1. If I were you, I'd take a little more chances with your sneaking. For a BBE run, you really don't have the time to lay down, wait for your octocamo, then crawl away from people. At the most, lay down for your camo, then crouch walk the rest of the way if you can't run. For Act 1 you might wanna shoot for somewhere in the 20-30 minute range. You can't over-estimate the guards, either. On Extreme, they increase in numbers and their senses are upped a little, but they're still MGS guards, and they'll still fall for stupid **bleep** like a mag being thrown, or porn, and their hearing only goes so far.


Act 2 should be about the same time as Act 1, or at least for me I think it was. Only thing you'd have to worry about here is memorizing the trail you have to follow for Naomi, and knowing where the Frogs are, because the normal enemies aren't too much of a problem.


Act 3 I think was my longest one. I put on the facecamo and just layed down behind the resistance dude, and tranq'd the guys who would be in the way. For the bike chase, I used the Solar Gun and autoaim. The bike chase is by far gonna be the hardest part, but that Solar Gun really helps. I think SE said he got by with a Twin Barrel too, so you could try that if you run out of sun power.


Act 4 is pretty easy. I think one of the guys here only uses about 1 or 2 chaff grenades. If you have more and you feel like you need them, then go ahead and use them. Act 4 should be around the same time as Act 1/2. One thing to note, is that when you absolutely need to, shooting the legs of the Gekko makes them cry and fall over. Gives you a good chance to run for it if you need to. The only time I really needed to was in the area with the conveyor belts before Vamp. Also another part that you can save a few minutes on, is when you go to enter the snowfield. When that Gekko comes out of the elevator, he gives you just enough time to fully charge your Railgun and kill him. The door automatically opens after that. Not sure if you have to start a new game for the BBE or not, I can't remember, but if you DO have to, then tranqing his legs also works. Only put a shot in when you're absolutely positive he's standing up. You shouldn't waste the ammo, it's only in one or two areas on Extreme.


Act 5 should by far be your shortest. When it starts, climb the ladder, hang over the ledge, shimmy to the left, drop down, catch yourself on the platform below, wait for the Frogs to leave, then jump down and go to the right. Climb the stairs and you'll have to shimmy across another railing to get to some more platforms. Roll off of the platforms onto the air vents to your right. This is an acceptable time to crawl. Keep crawling along the vent and you'll get to the beginning of the end of the ship. Shoot the Frogs that jump down, then jump off and make your way to the door. You don't NEED to tranq the Gekko to get the door open, just wait for him to jump down and go behind him, but if he doesn't move, don't waste time, just shoot him. From there on out it's pretty easy. The only thing you have to worry about in the Ocelot battle is his MGS2 Falcon Punch. I think SE is afraid of his headbutts. I don't have a problem with those, but watch out for them anyway.



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Re: Big Boss Emblem run.

Sep 24, 2012

I used this as a guide for my run and it went pretty much that way my final was 4:20


Act 1 - 1:00:00 - 1:00:00

Act 2 - 2:00:00 - 1:00:00

Act 3 - 2:45:00 - 0:45:00

Act 4 - 3:30:00 - 0:45:00

Act 5 - 4:10:00 - 0:40:00

End G - 4:30:00 - 0:20:00


one thing I found out was that if you use anybody's face camo but snakes during act 3 and just walk standing up with no weapons,  no one even notices you! so all you have to do is get out of sight if you need to tranq someone impeding your tail.


good luck

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Re: Big Boss Emblem run.

Oct 11, 2012

You ask for help and help you shall receive! I recently went for the Big Boss emblem and recorded my run and made a walkthrough(more like a runthrough actually). Hopefully you guys find the videos useful.


The videos are in a playlist in my YouTube channel:


Here's a link to the first video:


I've never tried playing in a higher difficulty than Solid Normal, so this was my first time playing The Boss Extreme. And boy did I fail alot. I couldn't get passed the Act 1, and it's very easy to get **bleep** and just give up in this mode. But once I figured out the enemies movement and the routes, I got through the Act. I'm telling you, once you know how to get around, it's not as hard as it is. Especially the fights against the B&Bs, I thought it was going to be near impossible, but I didn't have a hard time at all.  


What I do recommend is that you play the game a few times before attempting the Big Boss run. The Weapons you'll be using the most in the Big Boss run are your Mk.2 Pistol(buy Emotive Ammo from Drebin), Solar Gun(get all 5 dolls), Rail Gun(which you get after defeating C.Wolf), and the M82A2(buy from Drebin). Make sure you have those weapons and also you should stock up on Smoke Grenades(and colored ones), Stun Grenades, and have at least 5 Chaffs. Oh and by the way, you CANNOT buy non-lethal ammo in The Boss Extreme AND your ammo cap goes down, so don't get trigger happy.


Here's the places that I had trouble with(and you probably will too):

Act 1: Advent Palace

-Fight against the FROGS: You don't know the number of times Meryl's big head got in the way of my Solar Gun. Once she gets KOed, it's pretty much a given she'll die; you'll barely have time to go and wake her. You'll also have to watch out for grenades being thrown by the FROGS.


Act 2: Cove Valley(Beginning of the Act)

-It was more annoying than hard, simply for the fact that I would make it past the enemy, but some other enemy far away would get me. Or my favorite: I got past the enemies and militia and was going up those ridges to make it into the next area(where Raiden calls you for the first time). As I was shooting an enemy in front of me, more enemies appeared behind me and were heading up the route I was going to and caused an alert.


Act 3: Motorcycle Chase

-Following the Resistance member was a breeze, just wear one of the Beauties Face Camo or Otacon's and follow him...just don't let the Resistance member see you: He'll make a funny about your face camo(if you're wearing one of the Beauties) or just gasp. But if he doesn't, he'll run ALL THE WAY back to where you started(if you are still in this area) or my favorite: In the area where the helicopter is shining it's spotlight, if the Resistance member sees you, he'll run around like a moron get himself caught.


But the Motorcylce chase is where you'll be banging your head against the wall. You gotta make every shot count and get those Stuns and Smokes ready to throw. You'll receive a couple of "cheap shots" when you are far from the enemy or entering the next area.


Act 4: REX vs. RAY

Act 4 is the easiest Act in this, I just breezed on through, even through the fight against Crying Wolf. If I had to pick, the fight against RAY was where I had the most trouble. Your hits won't cause much damage to RAY, so you gotta hit him alot.  RAY's water jet cutter  causes some serious damage, watch for it.


Act 5: Beginning

There would be times where I would be crawling or crouch walking and a FROG would land right on me or next to me, triggering an alert. I also had to watch out for the Gekko that's patroling and make sure it's looking elsewhere as I sneak by.


Hope that helps. =)

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