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Re: KojiPro LA will handle MGS game's online component

Oct 1, 2012

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Stand alone games are stupid. Then you have to keep buying them year after year when the new versions come out. You people have terrible ideas. :smileymad:



MGO wouldn't be a yearly affair with a new one in each new MGS title.  Make a stand alone MGO title for the PSN/download services so it's not connected to any specific timeline.  Then from there, have some base content out the door and steadily release 'expansion' packs for DLC that cover the various games (MGS3, PO, PW, GZ, MG1&2, MGS, MGS2, MGS4) that includes weapons, uniforms, character specific items, locations and maybe modes based off of certain aspects of that game.  When a new MGS game comes out, new DLC expansion is released for MGO with the new stuff.  Patch as necessary for fixes and to implement new features/modes.


But, with we know how this industry works: 1-2 DLC packs (no matter how small) then release a new game the next year or so for another $60.  I mean, why get $10-15 for that content when you can put it behind another $60 wall?  DLC isn't exactly being used to it's full potential and is instead being abused/ignored for the 'annual sequel' method :smileyindifferent:


I know, it's 'business'.

MGS games make incredible advances with each and every new release. It would be nuts to hide all of that potential behind a stand alone release that, a year later, when the next huge advancement hits, you have to go out and buy that and all of the DLC it will get too.



I wouldn't say incredible...


It wouldn't be surprising if they did a standalone title, they apparently thought MGO was that anyway. If they built it from scratch, and used the whole series for inspiration it could work. :smileymad:

I would say incredible might be stretching it, but they do more than other people seem to. They went from a linear zone-to-zone style progression system to straight up open world. That's pretty big.


Look if they made a serious MGO with Peace Walker. I mean a serious one, for real for real. Then with Ground Zeroes they build one with that open-world style gameplay, centered around huge expansive maps and whatnot. What if the next MGS isn't open world? What if the mechanics are such a drastic change, like from MGS4 to Peace Walker? One was a stealth action game with an in-game economy, the other was a massive quasi-RPG.


There's a chance it could be taking a step back. Like if the new GTA wasn't open world. No matter how good the new GTA could possibly be if it wasn't open world, it would be taking a massive step back, just by default. See what I mean? We can't take the risk of a stand alone MGO. Too many variables. Too many jumps in quality.

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Re: KojiPro LA will handle MGS game's online component

Oct 20, 2012
Deliver it with the main game, and get rid of Konami IDs and we are all set. So much potential with MGO.
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