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Oct 31 2012
By: TheWhiteShadow- Hekseville Citizen 387 posts

MGSU's 2nd PWOnline Meet-up. [sat -11.3.12- 10pm/EST]

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So I came here for the 1st meet-up, and a few of you wise guys didn't seem to care, well you missed out!
It was a fun meet-up, and if you are interested in watching there is a highlight video here.
Unfortunately I had no control over the way the footage was recorded or edited, so I can spare you the 7minuets of pride*cough*...I mean, "Meet-up HIghlights.", and tell you it was a really fun night.
we had 11 people attend, and we hosted two separate room/modes to fit the likings of players. 
If you are interested, reply here, or add my psn, PLEASE INDICATE YOU ARE ADDING FOR THE MEET-UP.
You could always head over to our site for faster response/news on the event. 
I will update everyone one hour prior to the event so we can all establish the chat room and hosts/teams. 
Hope to see you there!


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