Oct 30 2012
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Revengeance demo

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I have finally played the demo and I gotta say it is not a bad hack and slash at all. I even got my **bleep** handed to me several times by the boss at the end of it, until I had to figure out how to properly parry. And once I knew how to do that the boss wasn't even hard anymore. One of the few negatives I have is the free cutting mode, it just feel's weird to use the right stick to aim and cut at the same time, you can use the circle and triangle buttons to cut but you get more control of where you want the cuts to go with the right stick. Stealth is no longer used to avoid conflict by knocking someone out. You go straight to a stealth kill and you go on to the next person. It just feels like stealth is just not going to work for this game, which is sad because I would much rather go around people then just going through them, atleast having the option to do so. It is a demo so there might be more chance's where stealth does matter but overall the gameplay feels great and smooth and I will most likely be getting it when it comes out.

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Re: Revengeance demo

Oct 30, 2012

the game reminded me of a mix of Shinobi, Bayonetta and DMC. like a 20-50-30 ratio.

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