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May 24 2011
By: GeistXIII I Only Post Everything 1032 posts


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well guys, its time to start getting this going again. because of the long black out of PSN service, i'm doing a 3 night event.

starting tonight at 9pm central US time, we'll be doing some MH. because of late anouncement, tonight will not take place in the usual lobby of A64, my room however will be title ALL NITE UNITE still. i will be primarily playing MHP3rd, so if your wanting to play unite, please message me first and i'll be more then happy to try and make room to get some people in for untie. also of Note, i will be recording portable 3rd gameplay(sorry but my PSP locks up when i try to record unite for some reason).

here are the details of the ANU event for those that dont know about it yet(note, i copy/pasted my post from capcomunity).

As before, ANU will start at 8:30 pm central time, in world A lobby 63. If lobby 63 is full, the event will expand into the next lobby is decending order(62, then 61, etc). If i recieve enough requests and support the even will be to either a new world, or the Japanese version of Adhoc party.

why use the japanese version? Its simple, the japanese version of AHP is fixed and doesn't present the same problems that other versions have. also, its got this really cool MHP3rd theme you can use instead of the boring green back drop. but be reminded, the JPN version of AHP will not be used unless i get requests from enough people to do so.  if you dont have a japanese PSN account, heres a video tutorial on how to make one:  

The basic rules still apply, but with a few changes

if you intend to set up a room for doing certain level quests(LR, HR, GR) or farming certain monsters, please list it in your title(not the room comment).  EDITED: if you wish to play MHP3rd, please list so in your room's comment line. but please do try to include MHFU in either your room or your over all play.

No password coding or closing rooms. if you dont want to play with a full group or with anyone you dont know, then please dont bother coming. I want this event to be an interaction between everyone.

Multiple PSPs are welcome. just try to remember, if your going to have multiple PSPs running off your account, make sure you list so in your room comment.

The Main event room(My room) will be the ONLY room titled ALL NITE UNITE(or possibly ANU now). please do not lable your room as such. My room will also support both unite and portable 3rd. if you'd like to know what game is currently being played in my room, send me a message and i'll let you know what we're currently playing. Also take note that Multiple PSP users may want to avoid my room as i will have at least 1 player in my room that will be there the whole time(these are either teammates of mine or very good friends) and i would like to allow for a full four seperate accounts in my room. I will also put down a quest limit for players in my room. what this means is that after a number of quests, you MAY be asked to go to another room to allow for other players to enter the room. in my room, i do not choose the quest we are taking part in(save for P3rd), i leave that to any visiting players as my room serves as a hub for assisting you.

Please refrain from entering someone else's room and trolling.

If a player is causing problems for your group, kick that player(if your host), start a VTK(vote to kick) and if others agree, the host will kick that player, or if the host is the problem just leave the room. because PSN does feature the ability to send greif reports, if you feel a player is being to much of a *****, please send a greif report. please message me as well about problem players.

I will be recording video every so often. so if you feel like being in a video, Msg me to find out when i will be recording next and i'll let you know(i'll make sure to make a bit of room for you to come into the room and play).
EDIT: i will only be recording MHP3rd videos now as my PSP now tends to lock up everytime i try to record MHFU. sorry guys.

also of note is that if we can get this event to grow even more, I will try and find another person willing To host the main event room and possibly assisting in schedualing event dates when i'm unable to do so.

So please come and take part in this with us. i'd like to see as many people as possible.

Thank you

A few videos of the hunting expolits of an ANU event:

Purple Hermituar 


White fatalis fail this one is for the LOLs

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May 24, 2011

i skimmed...

ill try to make it.  hopefully i can get on (theyve said it was back up too many times now...)

i like the US version of AHP.  its gottem much more reliable.  nonetheless, i have the japanese version and can meet ya on there.

ill have both games ready, just in case

Chavez The Monster Hunter
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May 24, 2011

for now i'm just gonna use the US version. i wanna use the JPN version, but their PSN is still down so nobody can get access to it. I'll see you there. i wanna get some more vids done. some of my vids came out super choppy before/after i edited them. i was only able to post one vid to youtube

also, i'm gonna have to cancel out wednesday, unless my friend takes over it. i apparently have a test Thrusday so i'm gonna have to spend my time wednes night studying(lame. but with the amount of money i'm paying for school, i'm not gonna fail lol).

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