Oct 27 2013
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Lost progress on Motorstorm RC PS3!! Dev Team please help me to revive my save!

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This morning I started playing Motorstorm RC from the beginning and after spending the whole morning beating 2/3 of the main game (like 108 stars out of 144) I realised all my progress were all gone after quiting and reopening the game.


It seems like many users came across the same situation, and as I've read a lot of forums, Evolution Studios claims:


If you’ve had the misfortune of encountering the rare incidence of losing all of your campaign medals, please contact the PlayStation Community Team to recover your progress on the Official PlayStation Community Forums.

Even though only a very small percentage of players have been affected, this was one of the most important changes we wanted to make in this update because as passionate game players we know that there’s nothing worse than losing something you’ve played hard to achieve.


That's why I'm on here now seeking for help. Dev Team please revive my save. My PS3 screen name is superivanho. All my race records should be on the leaderboards.



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Re: Lost progress on Motorstorm RC PS3!! Dev Team please help me to revive my save!

Dec 16, 2013



I have the same Issue with my PS Vita Savegame. I was playing the game a few hours and then quit it, now i just have about 18 medals left, before i closed the game i had the first three events completed and there were just a few missing to get the 144 medals. My trophies are still unlocked but all the work with my times and medals is gone.


I hope someone from the DevTeam can help me and restore my previous status.



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