Jul 07 2012
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Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

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I saw this the other day.  I thought it was just OK.  Not something I could watch over and over.


Some spoilers.




I figured from the beginning that the guy training Abe was a vampire.  He just seemed too knowledgeable and authoritative.  Plus he didn't age, did he?


The part where Mary Todd Lincoln shot the female vampire in the head was extremely predictable.  She should have known it was a silver necklace going into that gun.


And really, if silver was that deadly to a vampire, how could that one guy survive a silver bullet to the eye from point blank range?  And why didn't he yank the bullet out in the last 20 years?  C'mon.  This doesn't figure.


Vampires routinely going about their business during the day?  No.  Then why haven't they killed off all the humans already?  They have to have a weakness.  And that sunblock face cream they were using was a cheap way to get around it.  Vampires need to sleep during the day.


Yes, I realize the vamps were using the same type of product (same brand name too?) on The Gates.  However, that show took place in the modern day, and the face cream was concocted by a witch who held power over the vampires.  So there was a power trade-off there.


Also, that part about vampires being unable to kill other vampires was weak.  Since when?  I could see a vampire not being able to kill his Maker, but it's goofy for vampires to be completely unable to kill another vampire.  Also, how do you explain that female vampire torching the bridge?  Some of the vampires on that train died because the bridge collapsed.  So how can she torch the bridge if she's not allowed to kill vampires?  They didn't think this one through.



Overall I'd give it about a 7/10.  It was OK.  They did a decent job of integrating the vampire story into Lincoln's history.  But it was mostly predictable.  It was no True Blood, but it was passable.

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