Jul 05 2012
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Alphas **Discussion Thread**

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The new season of Alphas is about to start up on SyFy.


For those of you who aren't familiar, it's pretty much a super hero show, but more realistic.  They have "heightened abilities" instead of super powers.  Kind of like the people in "Wanted".


My favorite character by far is Gary Bell, seen here.


Not only are his abilities something new that I've never seen before, but his personality is something else.  At first I hated him.  I thought he was ruinging the show.  But then he started growing on me, like a fungus.  I now see how awesome he makes the show.  I can't look away.  "RESPECT THE BADGE!"


My least favorite character is Rachel Pirzad, seen here.


Personality-wise, she's just kinda there.  And her ability is heightened awareness, like more powerful hearing or smell.  However, she has to pretty much tune out all of her other senses to enhance the one she's concetrating on.  It's just too much of a handicap.


Now that you know a little about the show, you need to start watching it.  It's a decent show ( about an 8/10) and has been improving as it goes.

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Re: Alphas **Discussion Thread**

Aug 10, 2012

Thankfully, they have begun re-making Bill's character.  He's the super strong guy.  But up until now every time he uses his power he "overloads" and ends up breathing heavy, mild heart attack, or the like.  he has to pop 50 pills a day just to keep from overloading.


This week, the new girl exlpained to him that his real problem was trying to bottle up his power in a shortsighted attempt to be normal.  He let go of his inhibitions and became stronger than ever with no ill effects.


This is a welcome change.

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