Jul 02 2011
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Help from acoustic guitar players

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Well on Friday I ordered an Epiphone DR-100 (Vintage Sunburst) off of Amazon, I did VERY little research and i just need to know now

if i f****d up or got a good guitar.

I also got an Intelli IMT500 Clip-on Chromatic Digital Tuner

And 4 Fingerpicks, 2 Thumbpicks, and a Guitar pick

Ok many many questions so i'll start:

  • Was the Guitar I bought a good choice for someone with ZERO Acoustic experience?
  • Was the Tuner a good choice?

If you own this guitar OR tuner, would you please give me a detailed review?

  • How long did it take, before you actually got 'good'?
  • Any  good guitar strings you recommend? The ones that are coming with the  guitar have a high chance of being low-quality/rusty/broken
  • Any other 'accessories' I should buy to keep my guitar in good shape?

Final question:

Whats  the best guitar on the market that I can hopefully purchase maybe in a  year... not a 3000$ Les Paul but something around 600$?
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