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Jun 14 2013
By: longey774 First Son 1 posts

Last of us DLC

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Hey ND


I bought the DLC season pass in Australia from EB games and redeemed the code on PSN and downloaded, But going into the game an trying to watch the Making of says there's nothing for download D:


Is it just a time delay from the US? Or is Coming soon?





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Re: Last of us DLC

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Jun 18, 2013

If it's the season pass which cost 19.99 us dollars then it's not out yet. The DLC's will prolly start releasing end of this month or july. They usally release every month. Their will be 3 DLC's so in 3 months you'll get a new DLC in each month. You will get one single player DLC one month and the rest Multiplayer content.

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