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Re: Dishonored: You getting it?

Oct 14, 2012

Took a look. Looked all stealthy. I hate stealth


I'll ignore it, In my First Person games I'm looking for something like Mirrors Edge (I don't see it here), Halo 3, I certainly don't see that. and maybe something around the action of Call of Duty / Battlefield. I don't see enough action either.


Just looks rather bland to me. With Black Ops 2, WWE 13, NFS (Which I get upset by almost every year, but I have faith in Criterion) there is no way I'd touch DIshonored, hell those titles have even made me say no to buying Halo 4 which I did intend to get.

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Re: Dishonored: You getting it?

Oct 18, 2012

I want to get Dishnored, but with my limited funds I have to pick-and-choose which games I can get on release day, so I passed up on it. When the price enters a more reasonable range/ I'm able to get a nice deal/ I come into a decent amount of $$$, then I'll pick it up.



The gameplay and dark story elements remind me of the best aspects of Bioshock, at least in my opinion. To anyone who's interested in getting Bioshock Infinite: the copy of the game (or at least, the release day copies) comes with the original Bioshock on-disc for the PS3 version. 

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